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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: France Gask-Its Update, Not Good News …

The France Gask-its promo has taken a turn for the worse.


They have run out of Gask-its and have begun fulfilling the remaining orders with Faux Wheel Drive …

As David V. reports in from France …

“First, the promo ended in August. But while the cars were sent during a period of 2 to 3 months before ending, we could expect to continue to receive more cars between August and November. Unfortunately, I have received nothing.

I phoned the firm (http://www.tessimarketingservices.fr) that sends Gask-Its. Unfortunately, they told me there were no more Gask-Its available and that all the Gask-Its Mattel released for this promo have been already sent. They told me too that they stopped to manage this promo at the very beginning of November.

I phoned to Mattel France too, to know if there were Gask-Its available anywhere, they told me not.

Today, a member of our French forum who sent a letter for the Gask-Its promo during August received Faux Wheel Drive, so we can guess there is no more Gask-Its available since a long time already and they sent Faux Wheel Drive for the last letters sent…”

Maybe they will start getting Sidewall Shine’s also …

Thanks for the update, David – guess Gask-Its is going to be the new Sidewall Shine of promo CARS.

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12 November 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 50 Comments


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