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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Gold Ransburg Cruisin’ McQueen & Ransburg Mater II

DVD Cover WM

The Ultimate CARS Gift Pack – 2 DVD set (1 DVD, 1 Blu Ray DVD) + 2 exclusive CARS.

Blu Ray CARSThe Blu Ray Disc packaging.


DVD features …

Back of the box … top of the box has a perforated mark to lift up the handle and create a mini suitcase.


And of course, you came for the Blu Ray and stayed for the CARS …


Looks like the they are just calling him Cruisin’ McQueen so guess we will simply call him Cruisin’ McQueen (Gold).

He is the true exclusive, available no-where else and we won’t point out, Cruisin’ McQueen (Gold) does not actually appear anywhere in the film 🙂

Gold Crusin

Sude CruisinS’up Dude …

You also get Rescue Squad Mater (Ransburg II Blu Ray DVD Edition).

Mater Front

Unlike some other Rescue Squad versions, he has the EXACT same expression as the SDCC Rescue Squad Mater … and in many ways is remarkably similar. Nice bright chromy Ransburg paint. Same detailing on the lugnuts and in the large areas – very much the same look.

Mater backThere is slightly less chrome on the Blu Ray DVD version – plus of course, the ladder doesn’t raise, the hose does not and it’s plastic & not rubber tires …

But the biggest difference is when you pick it up. It’s remarkable how they managed to shave nearly 40% of the weight off this thing!


For those keeping score at home, it’s 100.8 grams for SDCC Rescue Squad Mater & 62.7.

I guess Red Ransburg is slimming?

And for those who are only collecting exclusive CARS from Disney DVD offers … COMPLETE!


Though we did not get one in 2008 so they owe us one … I’d like a Cruisin’ in every color so I can line them up like this …


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