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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Shopping Target

I’ve always liked shopping at Target.

All the lights are on, the shelves are orderly and best of all, they welcome you to check their inventory … when you are in the store …


To check inventory, just start keying in the 9 digit DPCI numbers on the right and then hit ENTER. Remember to punch it in fast, they expect you to know what you are doing 🙂

From an old photo …


In this case, there’s NO aisle number and NO as in the stockroom so clearly they are out. But if IN STOCK ROOM reads: YES. You can find someone to bring it out to you or just go up to customer service. Sometimes the hand held scanner doesn’t jive with this but look for an employee who can call the stock room to ask. They might be out or have not received it but they can also check ALL the stores in the surrounding area.

This is ALSO IMPORTANT. They lump a lot of things under ONE DPCI number. For instance, if you want GIL the hauler, it’s not so easy because EVERY HAULER is one DPCI number – in that case, you have to call and verify it’s really GIL and if they can hold that for you.

So, for instance, while the Christmas CARS and Christmas Box Set is easy as it’s two NEW DPCI numbers – either they have it or they don’t but STORYTELLERS are much harder because everything from last year is the EXACT same DPCI number so the DPCI database is not going to be helpful on the phone because they’ll say – yes, we have 10 but unless you want last year’s, there’s no way to tell unless the clerk is willing to look at each one OR you are in the stores.

Yes, sometimes they will say no or they cannot sell it to you – wait until that shift is over and call or try with another clerk … though obviously if the stockroom person says no, you can’t just ask another floor employee as it’s the same guy back there :-/

And yes, now there is an APP for that (only for iPhone, I believe) that will actually search our local targets for inventory!

Launch the app and select> MORE

Search MORE

It will bring up the SEARCH window. DPCI for the Christmas singles.

SearchHit SEARCH.

Search REsult
Yep, searches by DPCI …

Tap on the line and it shows the info in that particular Target.

Find Another

As you can see, it’s supposed to be in Aisle 38 and they are out. But I can tap on FIND IT AT ANOTHER STORE …

Local stores
Though there can be a 24-hour update difference so I don’t think anyone is expecting to be able to peer into the stockroom video cam 🙂 but it’s still nice you are able to access that info …

And of course, tap on it to get more details and store info – you can tap on the phone # to dial the store …


Not the greatest app as the ‘normal’ search mode is not that great – search for Disney diecast CARS and get everything from books to cribs … but not bad – if nothing else, you don’t have to look up all the Target phone numbers in your area 🙂

Of course, the app is free.

And yea, iPhone great, Apps great – as you can see, AT&T coverage leaves a little to be desired 🙂  – hey, I got 1/10 of one bar – time to call Madagascar! 🙂

Target.com offers a inventory store search IF the DPCI number is on the website – but for instance the Christmas CARS & Box Set are NOT so the website cannot search inventory of your local stores …

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3 November 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 31 Comments


  • iamspeed says:

    Does anyone have the ACTUAL UPC from the box for the Mater’s Cousins set or the Showgirls set?

    DPCI alone is misleading, as they clump last years stuff in with the new.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    (MET: UPC won’t help because Target has no listings under UPC).

  • broncocountryusa says:

    Just a question, I was able to find a scanner at Target that I could punch in the DPCI numbers. Does anyone have any new DPCI’S I could check on?

    • L8rM8r says:

      Not sure what you are looking for but here is a pretty complete list of Target DPCI numbers missing Cars toon stuff

      087-07-0107 Mater Saves Xmas Gift pack
      087-07-1794 story teller singles
      087-07-1730 story teller 3 packs
      087-07-0921 Lenticular singles
      087-07-0116 FINAL LAP SINGLES
      087-07-0418 Crew Chief and Pittys Set
      087 07 1878 oversized
      087 07 1891 haulers
      087 07 1832 4 packs Target exclusive
      087 07 1920 Team Haulers
      087 07 0642 launchers

      • L8rM8r says:

        Found the Cars toon stuff and Mater Saves Christmas singles

        087 07 0414 Mega Sized Cars toon
        087 07 0402 Cars Toon Singles
        087-07-0250 Mater Saves Christmas singles

  • michad says:

    This is one great iPhone app! Saves me having to talk to the employees, although Ben has been incredibly helpful. Checked all the numbers I was interested in and they were all available, even the ones that I had been told werent in the system.

  • No Target Here! says:

    There is NO Target stores here but, when we lived down state ALL the Target stores had signs posted all over the toy department –

    “Employees are NOT allowed to bring out items from the backroom. Do NOT ask employees to search for specific collectables”.

    I find it very hard to believe that Target stores have changed? They were the rudest and most stuck-up employees and managers our family ever dealt with!
    Target never had their own exclusives in stock.

    Target stores were the only stores that actually went out of their way to NOT sell you something!

    • Jinzo says:

      Think the signs are still up in most stores. Reason being is because hardcore collectors… and I mean Collectors go each morning when the store opens and look for Hotwheels. Many complained and that’s where you get those signs. Sucks because most hardcore hotwheels collector’s don’t care for Cars at all. But if its a holiday item like MSC, you shouldn’t have a problem because that’s seasonal items and not Toys. 😀

      Speaking of MSC most stores should have them up. My store just put them up today. It seems each store only got 4 MSC boxsets ($29.99) & 12 MSC singles ($5.99). I could be wrong but that what each store around me had in stock. I only bought MSC boxset (Also want singles but not right now)… now I only need Sarge’s Boot Camp… 😀

  • Shelley says:

    Finally, today was able to score the box set! It was probably the hardest to remove from package that I’ve dealt with so far, the little twisty ties from hades were on so hard that I had to cut then carefully pull. I probably would have cried if after driving to a Target an hour away, only to get it home and break off a wheel removing the twisty ties!

    Mater rocks, his wheels feel rubbery to me. Anyone else notice this?
    My son also said, cool Mater is a monster truck reindeer.

  • moe says:

    Yes, the iphone. We love the 2 we have. 8)

  • Monica says:

    Stole my husbands iPhone to try this out. Out of Stock at every store near me 🙁

    • moe says:

      Just go to a corporate AT&T store and they will order one and have it in a couple days. I did it for mine and Brians. They are the best phone I have ever had and had a cell since 1987. 🙂

    • Monica says:

      Sorry, I meant the Cars were out of stock 😉 I love the iPhone, but still find it hard to type on it, so I am sticking with my trusty Blackberry and lightning fast two-thumb typing for the time being. Plus I hate AT&T. iPhones are always in stock at the local Apple store. I do like that my husband has the iPhone, that way I can always borrow it when I need to.

  • Murpheeie says:

    Cool, I am getting an iPhone for Christmas! Now all I need is a Target. Just checking GPS…..nearest store….5475KM! Wonder if they have the Christmas gift pack?

  • ParkerWilson says:

    Does anyone know of a app that you can use on a android system, like t-mobile G1

  • collectormom says:

    I went thru this app a few days ago searching Cars items. Everything came up as Out of Stock even though I was at the store earlier in the day and had an idea of what was there

    BTW Blocked is currently my favorite iPhone/Touch app; working on level 78 now

  • jmularczyk says:

    So far I’m not having any luck getting anyone in the store to bring out the Christmas cars. After work I’m going for attempt #9. I’ve done 2 loops to 4 targets since Saturday.

  • pinksally says:

    Hey! Good news for anyone not lucky enough to have an iPhone or AT&T (did I say lucky? Maybe I was exaggerating…) try this:


    Only works on a cell browser but I just tried it out and it works just likes Met’s app. Yay! Maybe I can find the Christmas cars now. Target employees have been less than helpful so far. The cars haven’t been “set” yet so they won’t help me 🙁

  • Aaron & Jeanne Scriven says:

    sweet!! thanks!! downloaded it!

  • John in Missouri says:

    There is something mystical about searching for Cars toys in San Ramon — ah yes, Saint Ramone…

  • slicepie says:

    I heard that Verizon is getting iPhones sometime next year. When that happens I will be all over it!

    (MET: Sorry, earlier probably won’t be 2012).

    • L8rM8r says:

      Yeah have you seen the latest Verizon andriod ads basically slamming the iPhone, so I am not sure if we will ever see a Verizon iPhone

      (MET: Verizon is CDMA and ATT (and 95%) of world is GSM so until Verizon gets the next gen up (LTE) & running – launching next year but not full coverage for 2 years, don’t expect the see the iPhone until then).

  • jestrjef says:

    Very interesting . . .shop on the go . . .. I look forward to trading in my 3 year old f=phone so I can get one that will do this!!

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