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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Costco 9 Pack?

Another mystery CARS item – the 9 Pack Box Set was listed as a Costco item and now has disappeared so:

Either there is a 9-pack coming or

There is NOT a 9-pack coming

It could be coming to Costco in another month or so or …

It’s not coming to Costco in another month or so.

All clear?

So be sure and check your Costco and send us photos when and if you see the mythical CARS 9-Pack of 2009.

Since Storytellers is Target, we can be sure it’s not the Christmas CARS.

So, lenticular CARS?

Mater Tall Tales?

Who’s betting the farm with me on this?

(this was the Sam’s Club 10-pack from 2007).

10-Car Value

I don’t know if Costco will look up a UPC but here ya go … 0-27084-78205-9

Tell us anything 🙂


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