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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Lightyear Launchers Launched

Lightyear Launchers have shipped … Samuel R. found these in South Dakota …

Rev ' N Go

And here’s it looks like open and displayed (Leak Less version).

Lightyear LauncherLightyear Launcher OpnMuch simpler mechanism (aka: cheaper).

The actual case assortment is unknown as Rev ‘N Go was not listed.

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29 July 2009 diecast, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 63 Comments


  • //materrocks says:

    I thought I read on the website that there will be another kmart event this year. Is there? When will it be?

    (MET: Almost definitely October – working on date).

  • //materrocks says:

    This is my first time getting involved here. I have enjoyed reading all the too dos about cars. You guys keep me informed. Thank you. I have seen the new lightyear launchers at TRU. Only ones were there Lightning & Chick. I’m looking for other never released cars, Rev N’ Go etc. I don’t mind the cost I just want the cars.

  • DaveM says:

    Found them at Fred Meyers in South West Washington Price $9.99. But Scored Big they had all Die-Cast marked down 20% Final Price $7.99

  • NicoleH says:

    Went to TRU today and nothing! Also, Lorri if you are reading this no backpack either:(

  • Daniel says:

    (Pit-Row) Launchers in Canada were $8.92 at Wal-Mart at X-Mas time.

    Jumped to $9.92 in January (everything went up then).

    Jumped to $10.44 three months later.

    Then to $12.92 three weeks after that.

    Contacted Wal-Mart customer service to ask them about their “Always Low Prices” slogan if their competitor here was selling them for $10.99. Was impressed to see them almost immediately drop the price to $10.44.

    This lasted 2-3 weeks, after which the price was rolled-up back to $12.92, just in time for Retread to make it’s appearance in Canada.

    Zellers still has them for $10.99.

  • Anyone who has found the Lightyear Launchers, can you post the UPC’s so others can call their local stores to see if they have them?

  • handoe213 says:

    Woohoo just spotted some in los angeles Rev N go, Mcqueen and Bumper save. Finally i get a new racer. That damn Fiber Fuel keeps evading me.

  • CaptainChunk says:

    Not buying these, they look cheesy and cost way too much.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Anyone finds one of each let me know

  • cars-in-your-eyes says:

    OK Where is the Leakless Lightyear Launcher from? Not seen him listed in US or UK assortments?

  • Jack says:

    I see all in took was a new release SOT car to get every reved up and ready to go.
    I understand about some people not liking the launcher he comes with, but I for one
    couldn’t care less. I just want my Rev and Go! I don’t care if I had to buy 5 boxes of
    fruity pebbles to get him. John only needs Rev and go and Tachy to finally have the whole
    set. Granted Apple is custom but we really don’t care because at least he has one. I wish
    they were in stock by me already. The Asst. Manager at TRU Staten Island checked the
    inventory for all of New York(including time square) and New Jersey. Nothing yet. So if
    someone can find an extra or two somewhere there will be a good trade in your near future.
    We got get one these.

    Thanks Jack(John’s Dad) sijack1@aol.com

    I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a toy since I found Rockem
    sockem robots under the tree.

  • Shadow_Faststart says:

    I think I’m gonna stick with the Pit Row Racers, as they make nice displays. I have no intention on buying these new launchers unless they release very rare cars in ’em. -And even then, I’d probably chuck the launcher. Mattel should just stick to the original Pit Row Racersj, IMHO.

    • hostile takeover banker says:

      I’ve posted this elsewhere recently but I am again wary of the moves by Mattel. They have started some lines and it doesn’t look like they will probably be ever finished.

  • babychristianscars says:

    original launchers at my walmart were 8.97 than walmart did a rechange and the economy went south and they went to 10.47.

  • nina says:

    i found em here last month in toy r us Malaya.But still waiting for Rescue Squa Mater..Hav to the matty dealer directly..Huh!!

  • BMW says:

    What a waste of Space. Seriously, first the prices go up, anyone remember the original price of the launchers?, the size is too large, the color is wrong as it does not coordinate with the car. Is it realistic, No. Pit Row? These need to join the lenticulars as another Mattel mistake.

    Remember the pullbacks? Another line that did not sell.

    • John in Missouri says:

      I want to say the original price of the Launchers was $8.97.

    • cac1959 says:

      I remember buying Launchers at Meijer for $7.99 and possibly at Kmart for that price as well. Now they are $9.49 or higher everywhere – Meijer just raised the price from $8.99 to $9.99 when they put out the D case (with Retread)earlier this month. At 3 Kmart stores, they range in price from $9.49 to $10.49… I believe they were $9.99 at the last Target I went to, and they are priced at $9.97 at Walmart stores that I’ve been to.

      Case prices have been around $60 (for 6 launchers) plus shipping from online retailers for the pit row race off style; cases B, C, and D included pretty good case assortments with many new Cars. If they are only including 5 Lightyear Launchers in the case, Mattel better cut the case price if they hope to sell them. A case with one of each of Lil Torquey Pistons (first time with plastic tires), Rev N Go (first time outside of Speedway of the South), Bumper Save, Chick Hicks, and Lightning McQueen does not do that much for me…

      I would pay a slight premium price to get Rev N Go and Lil Torquey – I am working on a trade with a friend in the UK to get Lil Torquey and Clutch Aid.

  • According to Mattel, Direct Import retailers should not be getting these until August, but for smaller retailers they are not even available for order yet. Mattel Reps are currently investigating why they are not available for order.

    I will post any news I get.

  • Samuel says:

    When I found Rev n Go, they also had 1 each of Lil Torquey Pistons, Bumper Save, Chick Hicks, and Lightning Mcqueen. I can’t say for sure whether there were more before I got there or if there is only 5 to a case, but my gut feeling is that the 5 I found would constitute 1 case since I can’t imagine someone not buying Rev n Go if they had beat me to them.

    The ironic thing is that this particular TRU has been absolutely awful the last month or so with getting any new Cars items, so I guess I just got lucky for stopping in there on a random Wed afternoon.

    (MET: 5 is a strange number to fill a case, it’s normally an even number. Someone must’ve bought a McQueen 🙂 ).

    • BigMOCats says:

      Same asst. I found at TRU in StL yesterday, 1 of each, 5 to a case. The thing that got me is the size of the cardboard, these are pretty big, I think that is the added cost! 🙂

    • rumbler74 says:

      I know the regular launchers as we know them have an assortment of six. Maybe these new lightyear launchers, since they are “big” as they have been described, they only managed to fit 5 to a case. They could have of course made the cases bigger and include more.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Everything has always come in even quantities, because the way individual packages have been designed, you can flip them “head-over-toe” to make them “fit” together in the case. Maybe doing 5 here is weight issue?

      • Daniel says:

        That’s right…..my WM received 24 of them. I would assume 4 cases of 6, but 1 was missing (don’t know which) so based on the rest, it appears to be cases of 12, unless 1 case was mis-packaged.

    • Jb2313R says:

      Yup I can confirm this was lucky enough for a toyrus employee to bring out a sealed case and got to open it. 5 to a case lil torquey, rev-n-go, bumper save, chick hicks and lightning mcqueen. Forgot to take a picture of the case! Bummer.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Welcome back, Dude-Met-Dude!!!!

    Missed ya over here the last few days…

    I think a complete collection of all the racers in their original launchers would have rocked this world…!!!

    Too bad!

    Mater looks great that’s for sure, though, Eh!?!?

  • Sabrina says:

    I thought these looked worse in person. I’m super bummed they even bothered with them

  • iamspeed says:

    Hey Met……..with all your CARS wisdom, would you predict that we will, or will not, ever see Fiber Fuel released as a “single”, since we’ve only seen him as a launcher and as part of the MSOS set?

    (MET: I think all racers will only be available at a +price package whether it’s bundled with other “repeat” racers like the Piston Cup Box sets coming or as launchers … if they are available).

    • iamspeed says:

      So, if Met is correct, we’ll never own Fiber Fuel on his own card back. Not being a launcher fan, that’s not great news regarding HTFs like FF.

      (MET: I’m of course, excluding special promos like Kmart Days also …)

      • rumbler74 says:

        The only racers released as singles are Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, The King, Nitroade, RPM, Leakless and Dale Jr I believe. The rest of the racers have been released in packages typically worth over $10 dls. Only the Kmart Days exclusives, which have all been racers, have had the rest of the racers available as singles. So, maybe available at Kmart Days 4?

  • Micky says:

    I know this has probably been answered in a post somewhere but I’ll ask it again…is Sidewall Shine coming out in a Launcher or as a single sometime in the future? With Tack O Mint and Rev n Go coming out, the only ones left for me to get are another Sidewall Shine to take out (I only got one from the first promo, big mistake) and Gask-its. I will have to be satisfied with the Dale Jr with a smile (since I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get the one from the MSOS set) and the new Apple iCar custom I just got from Shopluckey to replace the counterfeit one I had. It’s not the same as having the MSOS set but at least I’ll have all the race cars.

    (MET: Sidewall Shine is not scheduled so far for 2009 but the final holiday list is not complete and unsure of 2010 … TRU does get a year’s exclusivity …).

    • iamspeed says:

      Just think about how many we’d still be chasing if they’d had the 43-car field?

      It’s so ironic when Lightning says “1 winner, 42 losers!” when he’s pumping himself up for the first race.

      • Mike H says:

        I think I am reaching my final lap.

        I saw a Mia/Tia/Chick 3-pack at TRU, and didn’t pick it up.

        I’m pretty sure that once I have all the SOTS racers, it will be the end. This collecting of cars that never seem to appear really is beginning to tick me off. I doubt I’ll even see a Fiber Fuel in stores.

        I’d bet Mattel would screw over the rubber tires collectors at KMART, and decide sometime in the future, to change over the Rubber tired SOTS racers to Rubber tired, lenticular racers.

  • jestrjef says:

    Well I think we will be seeing both, right?? I mean all those launchers in the SDCC Case have not yet been released. Looked to me like the Pit Row style are still alive . . . MET????

    (MET: The Pit Row launchers are still on the schedule – supposedly going exclusive – Target?)

  • Aaron & Jeanne Scriven says:

    BOW CHICK A WOW WOW .. called my tru and they had 1 rev n go!!! they also had ltn mcq, chick, lil torquey pistons, and bumper save. Thanks to Jeff for emailing me haha what a nice guy!!! and then thanks to samuel for posting it. THANKS GUYS!!!!! you are the best-est LOL (not a word i know) LOL

  • Daniel says:

    Much cheaper mechanism….much higher price. At least in Canada!

    • PirateDad says:

      Have you seen them Daniel?

      My WM’s and Zellers have dozens and dozens of LeakLess Launchers and 3 or 4 of each Vitoline and Shifty Drug launchers!

      Only about 1/4 of the stores I have checked have even put out the googly eyed cars yet!

      • deal or no cars says:

        Yeap PD .. they have landed in WM down here .. but our cases didn’t had any REV’N’GO

        ours had :
        LiL’ Torquey Pistons
        Clutch Aid

        $15.92 for Lightyear Launchers (works out to be just over $18 w/ taxes)

        So the Question for our US Friends :
        Did Mattel made the same error as last time with Retread Case D than came back later on with Fiber Fuel Case C


        did Mattel skipped another cases in USA and went directly to case with Rev’N’Go ?

  • blakefrommn says:

    Looks like it’s time to go to Toys R US!

  • Flik'sFriend says:

    after seeing these in real life, I think that they look better. I know it sucks for those that were collecting the pit row launchers, but these are pretty flippin sweet!

  • Ace says:

    It’s great to see it with rev n go, but I really liked the old “pit row” launcher style better. Is the consumer cost less expensive since they are cheaper to produce?

  • RichardP43 says:

    When will we find them everywhere else? There may be a long wait 🙁

    (MET: Not exclusive).

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