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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: SDCC: Rescue Squad Mater – The Review

Um, it’s pre-formatted for fun.


But hey, what’s the fun of CARS stick inside a blinking box?

Let’s crack it open. You do need a mini screwdriver to loosen the plastic electronics covering.

BottomMore complicated than a 1962 V8 …

Sadly, after removing the twist ties (pink) that hold the three CARS, I borked the electronics so now just a cardboard box … so if you want it to keep working, tread carefully.

display boxStill nice but not as nice.

RS MaterNot much to quibble about here – just perfection.

RS Mater Ladder1This is only the beginning …

Mater Ladder2Twist & Shout …

RS Mater Ladder UpREALLY, UP, up & away … the ladder turntable does not turn – only the ladder extends. The fire hose does move forwards & backwards but does not turn. I think SDCC Rescue Squad Mater wins the longest extension category … too tired to make a joke here.

Mater BottomAnd of course, 6 “real” rubber tires.

RS Mater & RedBattle of the fire engines …

Back Red & materDetailing on RS Mater – AMAZING!


And the Dalmatian Twins – nice – luminescent though not Ransburg …

Mia & Tia


Tia Red & White
And of course, real rubber tires also.

Bottom MiaFor those who missed the hand carried version … you can pick it up on Mattycollector.com (without a server failure) next Monday at 9 AM Pacific time.

The best of show 2009 – Rescue Squad Mater.

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