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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Lenticulars Have Landed! (+ 2 Chase)

Caitlin-FPG seems to have found the first Lenticular CARS in the US! (She’s in the Houston area).


The good news is that CHASE Salutin’ Sarge and CHASE FerrariΒ  F430 have kept their “Race O Rama” motif to complete our collection and ONLY the Lenticular CARS get the new design (see below).

Here’s lenticular Sally and yes, they can ‘close’ their eyes all the way …


More to come! πŸ™‚

There seems to have been some minor changes. We lost Flo and gained an extra Chick Hicks. There is also a Ferrari F430 (Italian packaging CHASE) – while it’s not official, I’m presuming we lost 1 Lightning McQueen in the trade out since everything else seems the same.


Richard K says that his boxes show 2 Chick Hicks & 9 Lightning McQueen (with Ferrari F430 for Flo) since Caitlin did hers from memory πŸ™‚ … we can presume all is well in the world as you can be surrounded by 9 LM’s and one less lenticular ChickΒ  πŸ™‚ Thanks Richard.

Here of course are the official photos.


For card geeks, the J-hook is now built into the card, & the blister is visible from the back.


This card will change out in October … presumably to something like the other blue card design.

I believe the WM price is $3.97.

Thanks FPG-Caitlin! Congrats on being first in the USA. I think she got this at a 24-hour WM so you might want to check out yours – send us pics!


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  • Branco says:

    Someone would tell me, how I can buy, the lenticular case?

    I’m in UK!

    Thank you!


  • FuturePixarGoddess says:

    hey thats totally not cool! That pic is still on my phone!

  • Indykjt says:

    Anyone seen this?


    Now, I KNOW I’ve seen that picture before… just can’t seem to put my finger one it… it’s all a bit fuzzy… hmmmmm….

    Look familiar to anyone else? πŸ™‚

    (MET: I have filed a report with ebay – if you have the time or inclination, please free free to click REPORT VIOLATION at the bottom of the page and or email him that he is being reported. Thanks).

  • EM says:

    I found them today.

    Now that I have seen them up close, a few observations…

    I really like the packaging.

    I don’t care for the cars–at least the eyes. That technology does nto seem to allow for very crisp images, so the eyes come off looking blurry, detracting from what I have always thought was the strength of the line–the amazing attention to detail.

    Also, whenever I see things like that, I am reminded of the baseball cards that used to come with Twinkies or some such thing back in the 70s. They were a novelty, but ultimately, not nearly as good as the Topps cards. Personally, I do not see this change as reason enough to begin the collection anew. I will continue to collect the classic line, which means I will have to look for the new line to get the classic chase cars. Alas, the chase cars were already gone this morning.

    In my opinion, it would have been better to add more diversity to the classic line than recycle old molds with this new gadget–even if it meant recycling old molds with new paint jobs (pittys, chiefs, etc.).

  • Samuel says:

    I had a similar experience at Walmart this morning! They had one new case of the lenticular Cars sitting in a cart by the stocking pallet and as I walked toward it, the evil toy department manager (who despises any toy collector in any shape or form) grabbed up the case and walked away. I stopped her and told her I would gladly purchase the entire case – nearly $100 worth and she refused – saying “you’re just a collector and will return what you don’t want.” I said “actually I’m just a paying customer who would like to give Walmart my business.” She still refused! So I had to stop at customer service and speak to the general manager, who was happy to sell me the entire case. You should have seen the look on the toy department managers face when she had to turn over the goods – she honestly would have rather set them in the back room then sell them purely out of spite. Makes no sense to me at all. I won the battle this time!!

  • Deal or no cars says:

    Seems like gif animation doesn’t work here!

  • Jeanne and Aaron from Joplin Missouri says:

    we found the whole lenticular first case set in walmart tonight. they are actually pretty cool the eyes open and close and look left to right depending on how you move the car. I think it sucks that they raised the price for the feature, lol but OF COURSE lol we still bought them hah and i also think the see through packaging on both sides is nice.

  • PirateDad says:

    Anybody else beside Albert and FPG find these….I am wondering about everyones opinions…are they cool or cheesy? Worth the extra dollar or ripoff? Good packaging or too easy to wreck? Is Mattel Intl Division stupid or squirrelly?

  • Daniel says:

    So it’s official, Canada is now an ENTIRE SERIES behind the US.

    I remember the good ole days when we were a case behind. Sigh.

    • deal or no cars says:

      What a bad move for Mattel Canada this year.. loosing more and more customers day after day!

      .. Seems like no cargo; AIR nor SEA can go from USA to CANADA… but can find a way to AUSTRALIA, UK and Europe…

      + way to go loosers: WM Canada won’t get Haulers…

  • BMW says:

    So Albert Hinkey you put them back? What did they look like? The eyes?

    • Albert Hinkey says:

      Obviously (or maybe not) The molds they are made from are the exact same as the regular version, with the exception being the windshield area which was metal with, in some cases, sculpting for the “eyelids” and a decal for the eyes, now appears to be gone. The windshields now are recessed just like hotwheels windshields with a lenticular sticker placed over them. The eyes aren’t all that interesting, unless I totally missed something. They either appear to be open or closed depending on the angle. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t all that bad…I was just a bit annoyed that they were going to charge me an extra buck.

  • Albert Hinkey says:

    I know this has already been widely discussed, but I think Mattel has made a big mistake, not necessarily with the lenticular design, they are kind of cool and interesting, but with the pricing. I had 6 of these in my hand ready to go, when I went over to the price scanner and found out that they were 3.97. I put them all back with the exception of the chase ferrari….and I almost put that one back too based on principal….WTF is chase packaging? I am simply not going to spend an extra dollar each to buy cars I already have in the original design. 2.97= neat little feature. 3.97= stupid gimmick used to justify raising the price.

  • FuturePixarGoddess says:

    Thanks for your kind words everyone! I had to thwart an evil Walmart employee to get the cases open because he knows Im one of those “Collectors”… LOL and He is always hateful whenever he sees me so it was awesome to get past him!!!! I got 2 stockers from 2 different departments to open the cases for me and as I was walking away from the pallet I walked right by him coming toward the toy department and he GLARED at me! I just smiled pleasantly daring him to say one hateful word. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA (insert evil laugh here) .

    As for the the lenticulars, I havent really been sold on them yet but when I saw them I thought they were pretty cool! I do think it is silly to have the chase packaging but oh well, I am satisfying an addiction. Good luck everyone, I am sending my carsma yalls way!!!

  • acuransx says:

    Yes, Sarge’s antenna had to be a certain thickness/diameter for safety reasons/drop test/pull test.

    It’s good to see him back, we were trying to bring him back on the Fourth of July ( A JL idea ) but to many problems logistically πŸ™
    At least he’s back πŸ™‚

    Happy hunting all.

  • PirateDad says:

    The Salutin Sarge stays on ROR, but it looks like he has that dubble bubble see through viewer too, which is pretty cool!

  • BMW says:

    Checked our 24 h Walmart last night, in Houston, nothing new yet.
    Way to go FPG.

  • dj says:

    finally mabee ill score a sarge!!!! is his antenna that big for saftey reasons?

  • L8rM8r says:

    Very nice to see Sarge again out in the wild and nice score FPG. I guess while everyone else was on kmart.com hitting refresh you were out getting the goods.

  • jestrjef says:

    SWEET!! Congrats of the score!!

    BTW, what store were they found in??

  • rpag says:

    oh man, here we go again! licking lips, salivating, drooling!

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    nice score… and in Texas even…

  • Brown Fury says:

    Sarge makes his triumphant return!!!

  • lost says:

    so how do the eyes look? on the Lenticular cars.

  • Samuel says:

    Nice score Caitlin! Now I have to be on the prowl for more new cases myself!

  • FuturePixarGoddess says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha it was so crazy!!!!!! Im never that lucky!!!! and yes since you didnt answer your phone, Pirate Dad, I got one for you too!!!!

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