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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: San Diego Comic Con – Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

While we have not gotten all the official details just yet … on a certain Sunday in July (July 26 to be precise) … if you love CARS and like TakeFiveADay … I would say you want you might want to wander off the show floor and head to one of the meeting rooms where you will find a TakeFiveADay hosting a panel starring a certain star designer at Mattel, members of his staff plus reps from a certain company from Emeryville 🙂

The panel will be titled something …

CARS: From Pixar Animation Art to Mattel Diecast Art


Not sure the room or the time yet but it’s definitely Sunday – was hoping to wait for more specific info but unless you have the 4-day pass, they are 99% sold out on Sunday for Comic Con … so you might want to be there … I might even show up for this 🙂


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