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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS; Check Lane Short Cards, Check, Please!

The Check Lane short card series is checking out.

2 and out.

They are still available in the warehouse but now listed as discontinued so at some point going forward, you still might see them at Kmart – maybe the sales rep will offer them a deal to clean out the warehouse or perhaps it will be sold off to places like Big Lots or FiveBelow …

They never really made much sense – and strangely as the lenticulars are coming, whereas these might’ve served as the ‘classics’ line, they are discontinuing it. Weird. It’s kind of like Donna’s sister on The 70’s Show – yep, made like 2 appearances – then they decided they didn’t need an extra character so they disappeared her – never to be heard from again …


The last case available – notable for the first US appearance of red rim Mario and the oddball inclusion of Sally with Cone.

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