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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Todd, the Pizza Planet & Patti Are Coming Next Week!

Todd, the Pizza Planet Truck and Patti have arrived safety and will be leaving the Mattel warehouses by late this week or early next …



Some of you did say you were quitting, right? 🙂

I’m sure now they’ll be plenty on the shelves of these two CARS for the rest of us then … 🙂

And drop us a line for those who live near Mattel’s warehouse – what’s the mystery 18th CAR?


Originally 18th CAR listed as IMPOUND MCQUEEN but presumed incorrect.

While the CHASE CAR is packaging only in CASE J – it is the FIRST appearance of red rim Mario in the US regular line (and not the Check Lane short cards).

BTW, the Movie Moment of Patti & Mario has been canceled so your only opp to get Patti seems to be a single (at least for now).

BTW, don’t worry – Todd is coming in the next TWO CASES (J & Kmart, K CASE). Patti will also return on Kmart CARS Day II. Kmart CARS II Day update coming tonight … you know, if you’re still with us – if you haven’t abandoned us for “THIS is diecast???” $12.99.


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  • Daniel says:

    I believe I’ve said this in a previous post, but there’s only 16 Cars listed above in the H-case contents.

    Based on the contents I have, the much-sought-after Tar MQ is the 17th one. What replaces “MQ with boot”, is still a guess.

  • nick W. says:

    thanks for clarifying, been a long day!

  • Daniel says:

    Ferrari (F430)Chase will be in the H-case.

    Andretti Chase will be in the J-case and the K-Mart case. (K-case)

  • nick W. says:

    I’m confused met – your list says F430 in Italian Chase
    but you keep saying Mario with red rims in chase????
    HUH? R U trying to see if anyone is paying attention???????

    (MET: Sure 🙂 ).

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    I heard F430-Dude will be wearin’ Guido’s ol’ afro and holdin’ up an Italian flag…

    Now that’s what I call a Chase car!!!!

  • cac1959 says:

    Can’t wait for Todd and Patti… If the Chase Car is just a packaging variation like Chuki, that’s a disappointment. I also hope the C launchers Case arrives in the warehouse this week too… Still bummed about no Target.com haulers, but… life goes on.

    (MET: Well, it is just CHASE PACKAGING but presumably, it is the FIRST appearance of red rim Mario in the US regular line (and not the Check Lane short cards).

  • Jb2313R says:

    Hey i have these on hand these are really cool cars and i also have Sven. Mattel really did there homework this time great looking Cars.

  • Nicole H says:

    So that means here in Des Moines we will be seeing these in June.

  • applefinatic says:

    I had no idea that todd the pizza planet truck was in the movie until i watched it today! he is by elvis in the tie braker race.

  • Albert Hinkey says:

    Can’t wait for Todd! Unfortunately, everyone else can’t wait either. Looks like I’ll be seeing pegs full of Ghostlight Ramones and Bug Mouth Lightnings for the next few weeks:)

    By the way, There is a Retread at the Target in Huntington Beach if anyone is interested. Why is it not sitting in my car right now you ask? Well, I am adopting a new philosophy. I collect for my self because it is a fun hobby, but ultimately for my son, becuase I love to see his face light up when he earns a new car (potty training technique…brilliant, I know). So when ever I see a new release, I am only buying one at a time to give someone else the opportunity to have the same experience with their son or daughter. So the next time you see one Todd, one Retread, one Patti, one Texas Tea, think about it like that. And maybe every now and then when you you see two, leave one behind for the next guy. It’s good karma. Cars soup for the soul:)

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      Wha???? You expect the hoarders to pass up the treasures of the future. The college education portfolio! The investment that beat General Motors stock! Wait, see how many persons will post “I found six Todds and bought them all!!!!!” Yeah, one for the collection, one to open, one for my master, and one for the poor boy that lives down the lane, etc, etc, etc.” Yak! Yak! 🙂 🙁

  • Mike H says:

    I’m still tapping my fingers, looking for Milton, and waiting for Launchers.

    Btw, anyone want me to start with a comic series titled ‘The Matty Chronicles,’ detailing the life of a crown-headed fat-head who has no time for little die-cast CARS, and can’t understand what all the fuss is about?

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Mattel can’t even get the Star Trek stuff right. That is supposed to be the Enterprise NCC-1701-A. As you see, it is missing the ‘A’ .

    As for the new case. I probably won’t be seeing these anytime soon. All my store shelves are stocked full of McQueens, Andreas, Trunk Fresh Pittys, and surprisingly a large number of Impound DJ’s (5 in one store right now).

    (MET: Did they put an A on the first one in the new movie? Or the storyline presumes Kirk is not gonna get it blown up on their first trip out? 🙂 ).

    • iamspeed says:

      There are 4 or 5 in that Star Trek line, are you sure the “A” version isn’t one of the others offered? I didn’t look them over that well at our Target.
      On another note, these things are SO LIGHT, it’s hard to believe that they’re die-cast.

    • Uncle Skippy says:

      I believe the NCC-1701-A came around for Star Trek 3 or 4… been awhile since I watched them… but I remember the crew in a shuttle approaching a ship with the beauty shot of the NCC-1701A markings and Kirk stating “My friends, we’re home”…

      I think this product is the slightly tweaked NCC-1701 (no bloody A, B, C, or D) for the new movie…

      • lost says:

        saw the enterprises in the store they don’t show a movie 1-3 enterprise 1701. they show new movie 1701. and movie 1710-A and NG 1701-D. the box shows 1701-A but has a 1701 on the enterprise in the box. also had a klingon bird of prey.

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      The diecasts look good, but don’t they are worth $12-$13 each. 1:50 scale is really pushing it. Maybe 1:2000 scale would be more like it. The new movie Enterprise looks pretty lame though. Should have kept it like the original.

      I am interested if they will keep the same storylines as the original, or will this be Star Trek ‘reimagined’ sortof like the new Battlestar Galactica which is a bad@@s show by the way.

      There are actually 2 different versions of the Enterprise on the original TV series. Another version used for the movies 1-3. Then the ‘A’ version debuted at the end of Star Trek 4 after they blew the last one up in Star Trek 3. The new movie version is another different version all together.

  • PirateDad says:

    Hey Edge, that means that we should get them in…one week to get there and then two weeks to um…and 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week and WM – TRU *Target/KB Toys = NEVER!!!! We should get them never…and you guys thought I was gonna post something happy since there were NEW cars didn;t you!!! hahaha fooled you, just like Amazon did!!! mmmhhuaahaahahahahaaaa

  • Carlos Scarpari Queiroz says:

    …And here in Brasil…GOD bless Ebay…

  • Lorri says:

    FINALLY! now we will have something to do instead of complain to each other Woo Hoo!

  • pop_16 says:

    Heard this before…”The Case D launchers are shipping next week”, and that was April 2. I haven’t seen a new launcher in awhile, and the launcher pegs are actually empty. Excuse my ignorance, but what does it mean that they are leaving Mattel this week or next? I’m pretty new to all this. Where are they going? I assume to the Walmart/Target/TRU warehouses where they sit until shipped to the stores. So how long does it take to make it to the pegs once they leave Mattel? One month? Two months? Should we expect to see Case D launchers on the shelves before Case H singles? Thanks, and great website by the way. Love reading all the posts and comments.

    (MET: Thanks for reading – well, shipping and ordering are two different things … 🙂 … speaking of phantom things, CASE C of the launchers look like they will arrive next week in the warehouse).

    • PirateDad says:

      They go directly to all people who ticked the ebay box on their application.

    • Albert Hinkey says:

      I work for a company that feeds retail channels and the general rule is that once it leaves our wharehouse, assume one week transit to all of the retail DCs and then another 3-5 days before you see our product hit the shelves….assuming the shelves are empty. In the case of the local targets, I didn’t see any of the new launchers until April 26th, before then the launchers pegs were bogged down with Leak Less and Lightning Mcqueen. Once those sold through, I saw the first ROR launcher start appearing. Once your local store gets bought down to 2 or 3 of the old WOC launchers, you could be seeing the new ones there with in a couple of weeks, assuming the DC doesn’t have a huge backlog of old launchers to blow through. I know here in SoCal, if I am just now seeing Case D, It will be a month or two before I see Case C start to show up.

  • Josh says:

    Speaking of Kmart day cars….will all the cars have rubber tires or just the racers?

  • Indykjt says:

    WooHoo! Can’t wait for Todd!!!

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