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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Lenticulars are Coming – The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

Bored, you say – well – be careful what you wish for. The lenticular CARS are coming and it’s nuttier than a fruitbat eating an almond standing on a squirrel covered in peanuts.


And now, the news – depending on your half glass is full or empty, here it comes …


Let the commenting begin …

What happens to the “classics – non lenticular” line?

Rumor has it?


So, glass half full scenario?

“Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’.”

The only CARS available going forward at retail (EXCEPT TARGET) will the lenticular CARS – starting in late June, July?

You on-board with the whole lenticular thing?

“Boom boom boom boom
I want you in my room
Let’s spend the night together
From now until forever
Boom boom boom boom
I wanna double boom
Let’s spend the night together
Together in my room.”


(this photo might not be a final 🙂  okay, or remotely real …).

So, then the non-lenticular “classic” CARS will at only Target? This second part is unconfirmed. At one point, it was supposed to be an exclusive retailer AND Matty but now, Matty is almost certainly dead to CARS so? Not sure how true this rumor is but that’s all the info available for now.

I have to say it’s a bizarre move. No other manufacturer suddenly stops in the middle of a successful line to test if buyers, collectors and fans will continue onto CARS diecast 2.0 … it makes very little sense but then what would be new?

I can understand if they are mixed in with new releases but to basically turn over the reins of a successful line to one retailer? And while Target is quasi-more reliable than WM or TRU – Target is not exactly perfect or even ‘great’ when it comes to stocking CARS … while they do seem to order more stock on a regular basis than WM or TRU – Target will often let days roll into weeks without ordering CARS … so if you thought Milton was hard to find now … will 1,500’s Target’s really step and really order 13 CASES each (1,500 stores – 20,000 cases now)?

Perhaps it will be some dream scenario where there are 6 Milton’s in each Target case so there will be fewer older CARS in each case and Target only has to get 4-5 CASES each to equal the 20,000 in the minimum production run? Enough to satisfy all the collectors still buying the non-lenticular CARS?

Ad that’s the best case scenario? Worst case scenario? They are like CHASE CARS – some area gets 35 boxes – other areas, 2 boxes?

Right now, Mattel sells about 340,000 singles cases a year – seems odd to throw away a sure thing to try and switch over to CARS diecast 2.0? Most companies love a sure income stream and try not to fiddy with it but I guess some decision-maker was bored?  Strange way to do business …

And this would all be fine if online resellers or even if Matty sold the non-lenticulars but to push it all to Target? Strange.

“Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know?

Now looking back at all we’ve had
We let so many dreams just slip through our hands
Why must we wait so long before we see
How sad the answers to those questions can be?

Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know?
Do you get what you’re hoping for?
When you look behind you there’s no open door
What are you hoping for?
Do you know?

Maybe Mattel would like to hear what you think? The lenticular line is called is Mattel internal code P7001 called “Character Cars with Eyes.” 1-800-524-8697. (CORRECTED!)

I do not believe any other branch of CARS (megasized, haulers, car toons, etc are getting the lenticular eye treatment) … at least not yet.

I don’t know about the Chase scenario either … does this mean there will be a non-lenticular Salutin’ Sarge also? Only at Target? ????

I do not know what is going on international.

(Oh yea, I did promise good news … SARGE is listed in CASE B – 2 Sarge’s … nope, not 9, two).

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  • christianscars says:

    Hasbro did this very same thing with their hugely popular littlest pet shop line.

    They brought them back in 2004 only to make them have funky eyes/designs in 2007 its really bizarre when you look at the new originals with the ones in stores now.

    And all the exclusives go to Target.

    So sick of all the good toys going only to target and NOT target online.

    I hate eBay so I guess I will not be able to get any new cars if they do this.

  • acuransx says:

    Ladies & Gentlecars,

    Collectors like yourselves and myself are all very impatient. The Lenticular windshield execution is not cheese. I wouldn’t have done it and JL wouldn’t let this go forward if it did not make sense and add to the validity of this line going forward.

    End of story. Now, if you collectors are not down with this execution, OK,got it and I understand it……………

    but please wait and see it first before you prejudge and hate it.

    No Cars Matty offerings, distribution problems, mix issues, out of my control. I tried on this one.

    • chuki_mama says:

      Thanks for trying!!! 🙂 Still keeping the faith over here!!

    • Indykjt says:

      I too will take a wait and see approach. What items have come out in this line so far that we all haven’t loved? I have no reason at this point to think these Lenticular Cars will be any less special.

      I may not collect the duplicates, but maybe I will. How many of you here collect more than one of each as it is? Variants? Packaging variants? Desert Back vs. SC vs. WOC vs. ROR?

      The line is evolving, as it should. I also think we all lose perspective on how much us hardcore collectors really affect this line in regards to sales. No one here really knows what impact the collectors truly have… and Mattel may be doing exactly what they need to be doing in order to keep a Cars diecast line around at all.

      I am not defending the case assortment and distribution issues. At least from our perspective it does seem ridiculous. But, again, are the collectors really what drives this line? Who really knows?

      Additionally, what has truly happened with this line that has been reported ahead of time? Does it ever really stay 100% the way we first hear? All the news about the cube, launchers, previous case assortments, release schedules etc., have differed from the fist news we heard… even when the source seems to be on the inside, and probably is accurate at the time.

      So, again, I will wait to see what actually happens, and when it will happen. And, even if I don’t buy another single Car, I won’t get rid of the ones I have. I didn’t start collecting these just to keep adding what may come out. I collected them to, well… collect them all!

      Plus Cars Cares isn’t going anywhere no matter the direction the line takes, and I’ll still need people like everyone here in order to keep it going!

  • sump oil says:

    I’m keeping an open mind on the lenticular thing. They may be ok and it’ll probably be many many months before we’ll see them in the UK anyway.

    But I have one big question. WHY????? By my reckoning there’s at least another 200 Cars that can be made (including the spin-off Storytellers and Toons) and that’s before Cars 2 adds another couple of hundred or so. So why, oh why, oh why does Mattel feel the need to tinker with this line?

    I don’t know if I’ll go lenticular. If worse comes to worse I’ll buy those that are new cars, remove the eyes and add my own decals.

  • ny says:

    U guys r going crazy!glad I only buy 1 new car for my son.I really don’t care what mattel does.really how much more could they do to the cars?glad I only do my 3 fav hw cars.u people need to stop crying.so sad guys.u guys r ture disney cars fans,lol!!me and my son r in it until the last car comes from china.my son does not care if they change the eyes on the cars.take care!good luck on what u guys do.

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      Would say more passionate, than crazy.

      Ok.. well maybe a little crazy too…

      I think people are just ~frustrated~ because they have been asking for simple things, that Mattel won’t seem to acknowledge. Talking to their customer service line is like talking to a brick wall. Martin seems to be the only real link between Mattel and Cars collectors, who, lets face it, are the majority buyers of this line. There is no ‘man on the street’ or any interaction to find out what people really want. They should take a clue, and schedule some Q & A sessions like Hasbro does for their Star Wars line. This line will be ‘safe’ for at least the next 3 years, but they are alienating their core buyers who could keep this line going for many more years to come.

      If you are just buying ‘1’ new Car, I can see why this wouldn’t bother you.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Hey Dude-Met-Dude,

    I wonder if Mattel and the buyers just want this 1:55 line to go away?!?!

    Make it so that people lose interest in the die cast cars that only bring them $0.50 per item in profit…

    They know that one car is all kids need to keep them quiet when they go into a Target or Walmart… So why give them the option?

    Why not try and sell them another piece of crap that will get them a higher return ???

    Too bad man – too bad…

  • Nicole H says:

    I know one person who will be happy about this news-my husband! He won’t have to work so much to support my son’s habit(ok,mine too!).

  • BMW says:

    Met said it was a rumour that Target will only carry the classic eyed Cars.
    Where is Martin? Can he confirm this through his marketing people?

    As a collector from the very beginning, I want to take a wait and see attitude. Lets all not jump to conclusions just yet.

    We still have lots to look forward to. The signature series, The haulers not yet released. Matty promised that Cars is coming to Matty Collector sometime soon. We need to keep the faith here people.

    (MET: Different people. Different answers).

    • Terri says:

      I’m with you BMW. I am choosing to wait and see. We need to remember that this line is connected to Pixar and Pixar does not do cheap. I do not believe for a minute that mattel will ruin this line. Maybe we will like the new look. Maybe not. If we don’t they won’t last long. We have had to weather many things during the length of this line and for me it just made me want them more. Lets stick it out a little longer.

      Mattel is just like any other company. They take something successful and try to make it bigger. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

      • PirateDad says:

        Perhaps the lenticular’s are goiong to be cool…are you really going to collect them all?? After doing it HOW many times already?

        The biggest problem I have is the ridiculousnesses of the distribution…. everyday I read complaints about stock…try NOTHING for ONE yEAR and then you will know how it feels to be here… WTH?? And when we finally do get something newer, like the launchers, they take the $10 price and raise it to $13…a car is only $5, so the launcher is worth $8???? gimme a break!!!!

        This is HARD times and I want you to think about the amount of people and names you NO longer see on Take5…why…you know the reason why!

        • Terri says:

          I think you misunderstood my cheap comment. I was not talking about cost of the item but the quality itself. The new eyes. People were saying they would look stupid. I was referring the fact that Pixar has had so much control of the item itself. That Pixar would not let mattel ruin the line by making them look stupid. It had nothing to do with how much they cost. I thought we were talking about the quality of the eyes not cost of the item
          on this thread.

          I know we are in hard times. My husband and I have both been hit very very hard. Sorry if I upset you Pirate. It was not my intention.

  • Chris says:


    (MET: Yea, that will be the only exception as that counts as a SDCC thing and not a CARS thing).

  • Glenn H. says:

    My son and I read this and he summed it up best…”crazy eyed cars? That’s stupid!”

  • Lorri says:

    Substitute “TEST” for “LENT” -icular : Coincidence? I think not!!!!!

    (MET: So, now it’s not nutjob but nutsack? 🙂 ).

  • Monica says:

    Why oh why won’t Matty sell us Cars? Sooooooooooo annoying! Don’t they think people will buy more Cars than dudes with furry underpants? Where is the logic?

    They are losing so many collectors with this. Oh, the humanity…

  • Lorri says:

    So do I understand this right? there WILL continue to be new releases of regular-eye cars, but only at Target?
    So new releases wont all have cheesey sticker lenticular eyes? I think the whole lenticular thing is a fad, I see it lots of toys now. But mostly like notebook covers, stuff like that. Are the stickers on good or will they peel off? that lenticular stuff is pretty thick for a sticker, on a curve it will want to lift off no matter how aggressive the adhesive. They would need to be glued on.
    Im crossing my fingers. I will only be buying the regular eye cars. Fortunately I have about 5 Targets within 15 min of me.
    I suppose there is a limit to how many different Cars people will buy. Unlike US, most parents/kids pretty much think 35 or so of these guys are plenty. There are probably a disproportionate amount of obsessive compulsives represented here on Take5 😆

    (MET: Yep, that seems to be the plan but no one can say for 100% certain).

  • PirateDad says:


    Well, this was SOME post to come home to…MAN!

    While I don;t want to hate the lenticulars before they come out, I do feel that mattel really has its head up its bumper!\

    We went to Toronto today, Canada’s Largest city, and went to several Wm and TRU, but not to look for Cars, what wood be the point…we ALL know there are NO NEW CARS in Canada…heck there are NO NEW CARS anywhere, judging by the posts here…but after almost a full YEAR of NOTHING but price increases and kiss my A$$ from Mattel…I am DONE!!!

    I will still attmept an OPEN COLLECTION, but I am done with this BS…. $12.97 for a LAUNCHER..please…you greedy sons of B%*(*#’s WTH is wrong with you???? You want to make more money?? Sell us NEW cars!! Stop doubling up on old ones, raising all the prices (we NEVER got the price decreaser the US did) and just sell us CARS…one Milton is a case?? Who’s STUPID idea was that? You want to sell 18 cars per case…6 of 3 NEW Cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember Kmart? How many cases did you sell in ONE HOUR…or then a week later online?”? 15K…20K Screw Lenticular eyes…OPEN YOUR EYES Mattel… You are losing money and you are LOSING US!!!!!!!!!! Count the posts here saying they are done….it is the same # of Mcqueens you have tried to force down our throats!!

    Check the Trade Forum…I will have some stuff up there in the next couple of days… I QUIT!!

  • Mary says:

    I must say that if you had told me a year ago that I would write these words, I would not have believed you. I am done. I had hoped to continue collecting through Cars 2, but over the past 5 months my tolerance with this C–P has met it’s end. I can’t even complete the racers now, because the morons at Mattel decided to change the eyes so those of us (you know who you are) with OCD (or COD 🙂 ) will have to repurchase cars with moving eyes? Are you kidding? Best of luck Mattel and Matty, this sucker is done.

    • PirateDad says:

      I hear ya Mary… My son tonite today asked if we could stop collecting cars and collect NERF guns, they are more fun!!

    • Matt says:

      We made a stop at Target last night. My 4 year old son got raving reviews at his preschool conference so he was told he got to buy one toy. He of course picked the smaller version star wars characters for younger children as he has now become our jedi knight. As he was looking for his toy, dad went to look for his at the end where the cars were. No lie, my son who used to wait on pins and needles for the new cars said, “dad why are you going to go look at dumb old cars” Mattel, if you really want to know the fate of this line, don’t ask the collectors, listen to the words of the children for which it was created…. it is over

  • TarheelBill says:

    I was in a WM today that had red price stickers on Trev, Night Vision McQ, and the Haulers. The dept. mgr. said that the red price stickers were items that were being deleted from inventory. After pleading my case on behalf of the Haulers, she told me that there was nothing she could do as it was a “corporate decision”. I sure hope this is not the case. This store is also going to be completely remodeled beginning May 11, converted to a “pod” store which will no longer receive pallet PDQs, and that the toy dept. will be moved next to Electronics/Video Games and the floor space for the toy dept. will be cut in half. Another area store did this recently and that is exactly what happened. 😕

  • TJH-AZ says:

    Hey Met, are the eyes like on the Chevron cars, where you push down the front end and they move, or are they like those bigger scale LM and Maters where the eyes were on sticks and moved side to side as the car rolled, or are they just little clear bubbles with black beads inside that roll around?
    Just wondering.

    (MET: I believe they are stickers with the lenticular effect on them …).

  • jestrjef says:

    This entire situation is just gettng depressing . . . I don’t even know WHAT to say to all of this . . .

  • On a somewhat related side note… Met will your takefive logo be replaced with lenticular eyes as well? I know how you like to keep up with the squirrels!!

  • I have very important information concerning the case counts. I just hung up with Mr Al Gore. He has assured me that the case counts and the frequency of Lighting McQueen in said cases is due to global warming!! So really, its all of our faults as we drive gas guzzling SUVs to WalMart and Target to buy our silly little toys!! I told him he can go get boinked and then bludgeoned him to death with three of my yellow Ramones!

  • Albert Hinkey says:

    I’m not so sure the lenticular eyes are such a horrible thing. It’s really not what bothers me. The thing that really gets me irritated is the fact that they are using this stupid gimmick to charge me an extra dollar for my cars. CUT IT OUT MATTEL!!! IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY THEY FIX YOUR CASE OFFERING!!!

    Met, correct me if I’m wrong, but they are going to be raising the price to 3.99 or more, right?

    (MET: That’s what I heard also but it’s hard to say there – the retailers may have pushed back? We’ll find out in a couple months).

    • TJH-AZ says:

      Well, considering the Targets and Wal-Marts around me have lowered their prices to $2.99/$2.97 respectively, than that would mean a $1 increase, or about 33%. Pretty hefty. If they put the prices back to where they were, then raise them again when the lenticulars come out, that will surely draw the interest of the consumer as they walk through the Cars isle. Hmmmm, a few months ago it was $2.97, then it was $3.47 and now it’s $3.97. Hmmm. We’re in the middle of a horrible recession/depresion, not a whole lot of extra change bouncing around anyones pockets and the price of a “toy” has gone up to the “is it really worth it?” range. Other than collectors, which we all know Mattel doesn’t give a crap about, who’s going to buy these things? Cars 2 wont be out to support it and I’m pretty much thinking those kids/parents/adults walking through the Cars area aren’t going to pony up a 5 spot for just one car. Not when down the same row are Matchbox and Hot Wheels for a quarter of the price. And imagine what the increase will mean for our Canadian, European and Aussia friends. This kind of action is what you do when your customer base if flush with cash and everyone is in a good mood. Not when pretty much the entire population is hurting for cash and almost everyone is still upset about case assortment and distribution issues.
      I think this line is headed the way of Saturn.

    • Matt says:

      What makes me the most frustrated is that it appears as though they are using this platform in an effort to get us true “collectors” to purchase all of the old cars yet again… but hey, in a different make-up. I mean, to most of us collectors, how many MQ’s and/or Ramones do you already have? Remeber how many overpriced box sets we have already been forced to buy just to get that one new car? Retread box set, etc…. It is just another ploy.

      Bring out the new stuff in the original line, and we will pay hand over fist for it………

  • unimog says:

    Maybe we can paint over the lenticular lenses with white paint and apply “classic eye” decals. Hey, this might be a good market on ebay! Customized “classic eye” Cars. I thought of it first!

  • Brown Fury says:

    Please tell me this is a fashionably late April Fools… I guess when they’ve made as many characters as they have already the only place to go is back to the beginning and add a gimmick to make it all “fun” again.

  • unimog says:

    Wew! This is a relief to know that there is an end is sight of the Cars series. My excessive compulsive behavior to buy new Cars releases was getting the better of me. I kept asking myself, “When will this madness ever end. I can’t go on like this!”

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Hey Mattel, KISS off- Keep It Simple Stupid!

  • jmularczyk says:

    not sure what the big idea is about this. It’s clear that this now just makes slight change to all the cars going forward and guess what guys we got all cars before the change. It’s kind of like when they started offering ‘swivel arm battle grip’ on the gijoe figurines in the 80s. So what if the eyes are a little different. The cars that we all have will be the 1st ones (I’m assuming that most of us already have all desert back stuff) I myself am not real fond of the idea that most of the cars have been re-released through race-o-rama anyways. To me it would be better if it was a little harder to find some of the Ramones and McQueens w/out lenticular eyes.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I feel the frustration right along with everyone else; but I am going to try and look at this as half full. There are too many other things to get upset about anymore, and kids toys isn’t one of em. This is a time when I am glad I am not a completist.

    1. At least McQueen is only a 1/3 of the case now instead of half. This is the first case of a new series. How else will you know it is even out unless you see a couple Lenticular McQueens warming the pegs. 😉

    2. Again, this is a new case. A great starting point for new collectors to join in.

    3. Welcome back Sarge. 🙂

    4. Hopefully, they won’t come with card backs with huge eyes, that say ” We’re Watching You!” Sorry Martin, I couldn’t resist. 😛

    Those who are comparing this line to Star Wars seem to forget it took about 7 years before they got their distribution to a decent level. How many Freeze Frame Weequays did you see on the shelves? Or how many green carded R5-D4 did you wish there wasn’t.

  • DaddyO says:

    Does this mean we need to plan a retirement party for MET now? I’ll bring the strippers…er…i mean streamers…

    (MET: Wow, that party changed quickly 🙂 …).

  • Todd says:

    This will go over about as good as NEW COKE

  • Ensign Eddie says:

    Hmmm… I think I’ll actually wait until I see a lenticular-eyed car before I decide if I like it or not.

    As for Target, that’s the only place I’ve found anything lately, so, I’m okay with them getting the exclusive. Target’s been very, very good to me.

    And, lastly, I’m really tired of the whining about the number of McQueens in cases or on the pegs. Around here (Dallas), the pitties and the old cars are the pegwarmers (even though I love them). LMcQs seem to sell okay. Remember, from Mattel’s perspective these are mass market items, not collectibles. While they like collectors, they aren’t filling cases based on the needs of collectors.

    • iamspeed says:

      Funny that you bring up Target and “collectibles” in the same paragraph, as Target has deemed the CARS line as “collectible”, thus they won’t go in back and bring anything out unless the pegs are down to a handful.
      Every Target in our area has clearly stated that the CARS line is a “collectible” or “collectors” line, therefore they cannot bring out stock until the hooks are low enough to justify it.

      • Micky says:

        I don’t know if the Target’s around here think Cars is a collectible line but they have the same practice. They don’t have a regular schedule to put out merchandise. They let the pegs/shelves go almost bare before anything new is put out. And then it takes a while for them to get around to stocking. Unless they change their policy, my hunting days at Target are going to be very frustrating 🙁


    ok, I am done!

  • Mr. T says:

    Poo poo………….

    No lenticulars for me except for sarge…..

    Is it just me or does it seem as though after red rimmed Mario things have come to a screeching halt??

    I really hate to say it but this collection is starting to lose its luster….

  • CaptainChunk says:

    More poor decisions by Mattel, if this is really how things are going forward(the eyes and any Target exclusivity) it looks like I’ll be saving a lot of money in the future…

  • LUCA says:

    i need the old storytellers ( retro ramone–wedding ramone–sponsorless mq–smell sweel mq—3 of each) can you help me?? thanks

  • iamspeed says:

    I’ll take Salutin’ Sarge and they can chuck the rest of the case in the ocean before it gets here.

    Mattel, wake up and get caught up with the cases we’re STILL waiting to see in the stores, and quit coming up with such lame ideas like new eyes.

    It’s been so long since I found Andrea and Milton, that I frankly have completely lost interest in WHEN a new case MIGHT arrive.

  • Captain_Chunk says:

    What the F Mattel…If these look as corny as I suspect they will I’ll be done collecting.

  • Monica says:

    Hmmm, quite dissapointing. I may buy a couple of lemticulars for the fun of it, but I will certainly not be buying an entire new set.

    I really do not understand the decisions at Mattel.

  • Mike H says:

    Btw, the last time I saw such a coordinated release of any CARS-related merchandise, was back around Thanksgiving, when the case with Impound Boost was released. I found those in Chicago, as well as back in Iowa when I went back for Thanksgiving. After that time, case distribution seems to have been very erratic. I still haven’t seen Andrea or Milton on the shelves.

  • racerguy says:

    Great that Sarge is coming soon…. Although I’m not sure this counts as “soon”…. And why hasn’t Flo been released as a single until now? Strange….. Look, 9 of a car in one case! It must be a new one! Oh wait; it’s Lightning McQueen….

  • jason says:


    MET is there anyway you can personally talk to the big whigs at Mattel. You are the voice of the people surely someone has some sort of connection to get the view out there that is expressed every day that this line is going bad in a hurry— We can call it Cars Across America with our sole purpose to find those people making these crazy decisions and directing them to this site to see what us car lovers craze and want and above all else know what sells—— The world is counting on you MET— let us know how we can help.

    (MET: They think I’m the crazy one 🙂 … But if some of you or many of you called the 800 number and made your feelings known, they have to hear it from you … or the number at the corporate headquarters … 310-252-2000. They are not an emaily kind of company).

    • Mike H says:

      I was wondering this as well.

      What if we took video in toy stores, showing aisles? Keeping track of these things? When new shipments arrive. Empty pegs. Things like that.

      Comparisons to other lines, such as how long products stay on shelves, new products that come out for other lines.

      I have been wanting to write into Mattel, but I figure I’ll get a candid ‘thanks for your response. We’ll file this away with the others and thank you for your time.’

      I wonder…does anyone know if we could bring this to John Lasseter’s attention? Could someone slip him a note or something?

      Btw, I’d still be willing to donate my art skills to doing a piece where Matty is being kicked and beaten by the CARS fanbase. 😛

      (MET: Pixar can be reached at: 1200 Park Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608. If you’re writing to Mr. Lasseter, make sure you spell him name CORRECTLY (as Mike has) 🙂 ).

  • Robert E/ TheeNaughty Knight says:

    OK, I’ll bite… JUST WHAT IS A “LENTICULAR CAR”? Never Mind, I am not going to buy any!

    (MET: The eyes are lenticular and move about).

    • Ace Diamondrunner says:

      Lenticular is the Mattel religious holiday that I’m giving up buying more CARS for.

    • Lorri says:

      lenticular is multilayered, plastic with 2 or 3 different pictures layered so that as you turn the object the picture changes, seeming to “move” I would imagine they would have the eyes move sideways, roll, blink, wink, etc. The colors are dulled and there are vertical lines in the plastic. Im sure you have seen this process before just didnt know the name. It is making a comeback right now, a fad I think. I personally think it cheapens the Cars diecast line and I havent even seen it yet. Maybe they have super improved the process and it will look really cool. 🙄

      (MET: I’m pretty sure the eyes on the lenticular CARS only move side to side …).

    • Ryan says:

      Definition: Lenticular – Convex on both sides
      Are we sure the eyes move? Or are we just using the wrong word?

      (MET: They have tweaked the eyes areas – haven’t seen it actually in action though).

  • TarheelBill says:

    MATTEL has made so many DUMB, not to mention GREEDY, decisions with this line it’s as if they are trying to drive collectors away from the Cars 2 line. Most won’t swallow the bait, which leads to their bottomless pit of GREED and STUPIDITY, again!

  • Mike H says:

    I’ll probably keep going in regards to wanting to collect all the SOTS cars. That was really what kept me going after I had got all the Radiator Springs crew.

    Though I agree that Star Wars and even Transformers have been better distributed. Whenever a new Star Wars wave is launched, it’s usually up on the shelves in decent numbers. And to a lesser degree, the same goes with Transformers, though the waves of Animated have slowed in the last month (most likely shelf-space is being regulated for the film’s toys).

    One thing I wanted to do was just collect all the LMcQ’s, put them in a big box and deliver them to Mattel, with some note like: ‘this is what you’re clogging the toy aisles with. Give us NEW CARS!’

    In regards to clogging, the current culprit is turning into Tumbleweed McQueen, and at one Target, Trunk Fresh Pitty.

    I can hear it now when this line is finally killed: ‘We tried to put out quality product, but it appears that the fanbase just wasn’t there.’

    That line I heard when Hasbro killed off Indiana Jones…well, yeah…it’s hard to want to keep collecting when all that’s on the shelves for 4-7 solid months are the ‘Raiders’ and ‘Crystal Skull’ lines. KMart was the only place I saw the ‘Last Crusade’ line, and the ‘Temple of Doom’ line never even made major retail (by then, they were already marking down what was left of ‘Crystal Skull’).

    On a positive note…anyone notice that there’s no Ramones in that Case A?

  • Micky says:

    I don’t want to jump to any harsh conclusions but I think I’ll be slowing down too. I want to continue until I get all the racers (regular line) and maybe a few more haulers (Nitroade) and a few more of the cool megasize but I don’t think I’m going to go lenticular. I don’t want to start all over again hunting down cars I already have just because they have wacky eyes.

  • Matt says:

    I absolutely loved this line, and loved hunting for cars with my kids. Those days unfortunately are long gone. I will no longer feed into the Mattel fiasco. Many on this site have pleaded for something to be done to no avail, and this last information and strategy will spell the end of the line.

    What I find interesting is that they HAD built up a huge base of collectors who would have fed into this cash cow through cars 2 and possibly beyond with the shorts line etc… Now, they have alienated all of us, and will regret these decisions. As it stands, I will more than likely be done with this line after K-Mart day 2. That is unless they decide to make that release 12 McQueens, and 1 each of the new cars. I will not buy into Cars 2 at all. I refuse to give this company anymore money.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the Cars 2 cars go the route of Speed Racer. As I have seen here before, anyone in the know, and with any pull at all should really start making some noise down there at Mattel, b/c it looks like we will all be at the funeral service for this line soon. The sun has set on the golden age of cars. So much for competing with the Stars Wars line… WHAT AN ABSOLUTE JOKE

  • cac1959 says:

    Wow…and not in a good way. My nearest Target is 45 miles away… If we can order the classic Cars online like the haulers, that would be good. If not, I’ll have to rely on friends.

    I have no interest in collecting the lenticulars unless it’s a Car that I don’t have, such as Saluting Sarge. I will not buy a case of 24 for one Car… that is absolutely insane.

    Here’s hoping that the info Met was given was wrong.

  • Edge says:

    NINE McQueens per CASE? Are you F@$^&#! KIDDING me? Which squirrel came up with that brilliant idea? NO more peanuts for that one, I tell you…

  • Samuel says:

    While I’ll remain open-minded about how this plays out, if most of this article is true then I really think many collectors will finally call it quits due to frustration and lack of distribution. Add to that the simple confusion of not even knowing if you have a complete collection anymore with all the changes…..

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    My canadian money is on Case B never makin’ it to shore… Anywhere…

    I got a feelin’ some squirrels might bite a little hole into that sailin’ ship…

    Lenticular or not… Why bring back a Car that add sooooooooooo much drama to the line by not bein’ available since the good ‘ol days…

  • lou says:

    i’m sure no one cares, but I’m done with this line, my kid has moved on to Star Wars and Lego Star Wars. Easier to find, no scams, etc. Sorry Mattel you really blew it here, and really you have no one to blame but yourself. Bye.

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      Good choice! Star Wars is definitely better than Cars. The second trilogy is really sub paras compared to the episodes 4,5 and 6. A co-worker came to dinner in 1979 with four Star Wars action figures for my son. That was the beginning of a two decade compulsion. Lots of nice material out there other than action figures and ships! 🙂
      Good hunting!

  • Lampit, UK says:

    I’ll take a couple of Chase Sarge’s, Faux wheel Drive anyone 😉

  • Lampit, UK says:

    Hmmm, Squirrals

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