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You Could Wake Up Canadian!

You go to sleep all grumbly but voila! (as French is required), you could wake up Canadian!

Thanks to a new law, Canada will bestow citizenship Friday on what its government believes could be hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting foreigners, most of them Americans.

The April 17 amendment to Canada’s Citizenship Act automatically restores Canadian nationality to many people forced to renounce it when they became citizens of another country. It also grants citizenship to their children.

Sadly, there is no 49th amendment guaranteeing you the freedom to buy CARS … but maple leafs* free for life!

* Hey, if the plural spelling is good enough for the Toronto hockey team, good enough for me.

And this may or may not be a good thing but PirateDad will check all new “citizens” for ticks and chiggers.

You can read all about it here or for those who can’t read the one of two official languages of your new citizenry … here’s a video!

And one of the great national anthems …

But the greatest Canadian contribution to all mankind?

William Shatner.

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