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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Haulers Case Assortment Next – 2009

Here are the Hauler assortments for the next 9 months which should take us to December 2009. CASE D for retailers/resellers not named WM, Target & TRU should begin getting shipments late next week so it’s not included here. Then basically there are 9 months left in the year and 9 Hauler CASES … so logic would dictate 1 per month but that’s not accounting for the 2010 cases which should arrive by November so in theory, we should see a total of 9-12 more cases before the calendar year is over.

Yes, Mattel has added these to domestic distribution so they can be shipped from Mattel’s warehouses when they arrive but they are still available for Direct Import for resellers who want to air freight them in.

And of course, Mattel can change the rules if they like … It’s their island and we’re just passengers on a downed aircraft 🙂 …
















(Car not included).





That should take us through the LAST of the Race O Rama Haulers and sometime through October/November 2009?

Well, it looks like the Hauler Display case for 2009 will be full by then 🙂


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  • carsforchristian says:

    Target Team Sets what is this and does anyone have a walmart hauler they can sell.

    I saw this last month a day before payday and never again so today when I found jerry on the shelf I picked him up.

    Our store has had tons of leakless but today the had jerry, chick, octaine gain and one other.

  • acuransx says:

    Missouri John,

    I think yoy’re gonna really like this years SDCC Cars offering. Can you believe I’m already thinking about next years SDCC Cars offering? My team’s been kicking it around.

    I’m on a Disney/Pixar Cars Merry Go Round. Just gotta get that brass ring. I think I got it, just have to hang on to it. I get a little dizzy sometimes.

  • acuransx says:

    Missouri John,

    No worries dog, I know. I learned 27 years ago that you can’t hold on too tight to what you know, or think you know is right, as it will drive you crazy.

    That is why I do my OWN fineart. It’s all me, no one telling me what to paint, what to paint in in, how to paint it, and no cost reduction meetings.

    If I can’t sell it, it’s on me. Go Mattel Disney/Pixar Cars.

  • MiaSenorita says:

    Wow! We love the haulers and my son plays with them all the time. He parks them all next to each other like pit row. If I park one incorrectly, watch out!! He has a prescribed order, even thought its not quite canon 😉 I let him slide since he is only 3 1/2 years old.

    We have a place for everyone of these in our house.. well actually two of each in our house! Keep ’em coming Martin!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jestrjef says:

      Where have you been young lady?!?!

      • MiaSenorita says:

        Not really sure! My single mother hood (husband is on a work trip for 6 weeks) is wearing me out faster than usual so I haven’t been commenting as much. But reading just as much! Did you miss me?

        (MET: No, two small boys? They’re like houseplants – just sitting there, genuflecting … 🙂 … well, for .03 seconds … do they know how to shovel snow yet?)

        • MiaSenorita says:

          Actually one boy and one girl. The girl is the hard one. She his 16 months and hit the terrible 2s early! She is a bit of a princess, demanding my attention all the time… uuuugh.

          The 3 year old boy seems to have grown up over night after his dad left. No longer wants his night light on and helped me shovel dog poop.. does that count?? We missed one pile that he found after I threw the bag away. I told him we could get it tomorrow… sure enough, 1st thing in the morning, “Mom, can we go shovel that dog poop I found? ” Gross, but hilarious! Mind you, we have a chihuahua, so dog poop hunting can be difficult… not like the Mastiff next door!

        • Nicole H says:

          My husband just got home after being gone for 6 weeks. My son welcomed him home by getting the flu and throwing up on him! I have a 7 month old and a 4 yr old so I feel your pain. The first morning he was home I took the longest shower with the bathroom door locked. It was so nice!

          • MiaSenorita says:

            Wow, looking forward to him coming back SOOOON! I didn’t think it would be this hard when I gave him the go ahead. My husband and I are really close, obviously, so it is killing me. We are only at 1 week today, 5 to go. How funny that you just went through this with pretty much the same situation I have!

            One GOOD thing about this trip is that he has 2 TRUs and a whole bunch of Targets and Walmarts to look at!

            • Nicole H says:

              My husband went to a military school in Albuquerque. He has gone to other schools before but the longest was 4 weeks and we only had the one kid then. We went to visit him while my son had spring break from preschool. We only saw him for a couple of days though because the school was really hard and he needed to study. So during the week while he was in school we went to Flagstaff and met my dad who lives in Vegas. We had a pretty good time but the road trip there and back was an adventure with the 2 kids! Funny that you mention he has stores to go to to look for cars! I Mapquested all the Targets and WM near him and sent them to him and made him go look too!

              • MiaSenorita says:

                Haha! My husband is on an airplane modification as technical help for engineering. He is working 70 hours a week so even if we could make the 3 day trip down there to visit him, he wouldn’t have time! Good thing he is getting paid lots to work there.

                I just figure it isn’t as bad as my sister who had 3 little ones home while her husband was in Iraq for 18 months for the National Guard.

                We have only been apart for maybe a week at the longest in our 10 years together, and there were no kids then. As long as he sends some cars home weekly, mama is happy 😉

                • Nicole H says:

                  My husband and I met while we were deployed to Iraq. I got out after we got back but he stayed in to get the retirement pay. Luckily, he has not been deployed since but I have a feeling it will coming soon.

                  He got paid from work and from the military so that was nice! And he brought us new cars from case G-except for Milton.

  • Nicole H says:

    I like the haulers the way they are. My son plays with his almost every day so I am definately getting my money’s worth. He loves to mix up the cabs with different trailers. I have found all the one’s out in the stores but have only give him 1,2,3 and Wally. He has been a little naughty at preschool so his reward if and when he is good is to pick the next hauler he wants to open. Hopefully finding the next ones will be just as easy as I was a day late from ordering the next six from Targe/Amazon.

  • Roswell says:


    (MET: A couple months?)

  • acuransx says:

    You have to keep in mind that when we designed these Haulers they were kid targeted, not Collector. A rear entry only play pattern wasn’t gonna cut it. Put the racer in, have to shake it out?

    Even in hindsight, which I never have, I wouldn’t have done it different.
    Bigger in real deal scale, sure, I would have loved it, but it would have been an easy $25 srp. We did the math and this is where we ended up. There is also retail shelf space limitations that I’m not even gonna get into right now. Just think about designing with handcuffs on 🙂

    It’s a balancing act, I’m not the great Arnoldo. Sure wish I was 🙁

    Maybe one day. Go Disney/Pixar Cars.

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Aside from my post prior, my local WM is awash with haulers, including Jerry. The same inventory has remained unsold for two days. Wally hauler appears to be long gone! The same with Fred Meyer stores, haulers 1,2 and 3 aplenty. Of course, nobody has the latest single pack! Oh, the exception was Milton at Bartell Drug store for $4.12.

  • carsforchristian says:

    I have what might seem to be a stupid question.

    Are the haulers the smaller ones in between the mega size cars and the truck/trailer playsets.

    Or are the haulers the bigger mack size playset size.

    I have seen online playset ones in chick, dinoco and mack and smaller ones in leakless and photos of more on target.com that say out of stock and I’m just really confused now.

    We have the big mack playset and the mack open trailer and the leakless smaller size one which I assume is a hauler.

    We have a long way to go to catch up thankfully it looks like we have some time.

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      The haulers, including the Target Team Sets, are smaller than the Mack playsets and auto transporters. The issue with many collectors is the fact the haulers are not in scale with the 1:55 scale of the basic Cars line. In reality the hauler should be longer, but, economics of toys sales limits the size. I’m assuming little kids would not really notice the small size of the haulers. In my opinion the mega size vehicles are essentially out of scale also, some more than others. I would recommend pulling up a listing for the Target Team set on eBay and look at the size of the Car casting in relation to the hauler and then think about what you actually pass on the road. The smallest trailer I see in my neck of the woods is the containerized freight coming out of the Port of Tacoma. The containers are forty footers. The series numbered trailers made by Mattel are made to complement the basic line. Personally I have chosen not to collect them because they are out of scale. I would hope Mattel at a later date would produce a tractor-trailer combination in the 1:55 scale with rear entry only. But, yeah, it’s a toy primarily for kids! The heck with the adults, including me. 🙂

      (MET: Here’s my take on the scale issue. Unlike other diecast lines which purport to be a “scale” of a ‘real life’ CAR, the only reference here are to each other within the film – while some CARS are clearly inspired by “real life” CARS – many are fanciful homages to ‘real life’ CARS so it’s scale cannot be precisely gauged other than to each other … and of course, arguing 100% scale to “our world” to a line of CARS with eyes … might not stand up in a court of law 🙂 … like Kathy Copter to Dinoco … all we have to gauge Kathy Copter is her scene when she’s in a clear sky – pretty hard to say 100% her scale but there are small helicopter the size of compact CARS or small sedans so her “small” size as a diecast is plausible. Dinoco helicopter however is seen the width of 7 showgirls plus it can carry Mater … clearly, its scale is known … as for the haulers, there is the scene where the Pitty’s are loading the back of the trailers BUT a) you presume those are the only haulers at the racetrack and b) they “MUST” be 80′ trailers like what’s on the road in the US … unless there was a scene where someone pulled out a tape measure, there is no base to say 100% what is scale or not scale – in this case, we pretty much have to eye it so you are free to disagree with me but I would argue that in CARS World, it looks pretty good …).

      • iamspeed says:

        The most common tractor/trailer on the road today is hauling a 50′ box(trailer). Anything longer would be virtually impossible to maneuver on city streets….you wouldn’t be able to make the turn at most corners. For many years, “conventional” style tractors like Mack and the other hauler cabs were seen primarily in the western states(especially logging), as load/length restrictions in many midwestern/eastern states made “cabover” (such as Gil) style tractors much more practical because the shorter wheelbase and shorter overall tractor length made it possible to haul longer trailers in the same given footprint. 50 foot trailers became the “norm” many years ago, and things haven’t change much.

      • John in Missouri says:

        The most common trailer today is 53 feet long (sorry to be a stickler).

        If you only watch the scene where Lighting drives up to Jerry Recycled Batteries, Jerry is MUCH longer than the little guy Mattel has tossed out to us. In my mind, Mattel blew it with these Haulers just to save a dime. Although I absolutely love the designs on each Hauler, whenever I see them, I feel like the band members of Spinal Tap as they watched the mini-Stonehenge figurine descending from the rafters.

  • BigMOCats says:

    People play with these things? Who knew?;)

  • rumbler74 says:

    Wow! All these haulers look so awesome. Since I started collecting CARS around November 2007, I always had the idea of buying 2 of each for everything. Classic, one to open for my 2 boys to play with and one to keep sealed as a display collectible. The collection of CARS has obviously expanded quite a bit and I have applied the same thought to the hauler line. I really must re-think that now. Too much money and to much space. My boys fight over the Mack Hauler only anyway. That is why we have around 4 different Macks. I think im going to get just one of each of these just for display/collectible. If I can find them of course.

    • Lorri says:

      I know – I changed my “rules” on the collecting a bit. For the 1:55s I still buy 2, one to open and one to keep, but the haulers and even the oversize Im getting one. I only have a couple of the haulers I have open, the kids only need a couple. They seem to be far more interested in the mainline anyway.

  • iamspeed says:

    ***It’s a good thing we ordered from Target.com when we did, as all of the haulers are now noted as “unavailable” now. The site still shows my order as it was placed, so they must have reached their limit for accepting orders until they can fill those already placed. Plus, the expected shipping time frame has stayed the same as it was when I placed my order.

    • jestrjef says:

      I noticed that same thing when I checked to see if they were still availible. Don’t want to oversell something you may not get, right??? LOL

      • BMW says:

        A collector on Carsthetoys posted that he ordered 50 of each from Target.
        Maybe that is why they are gone from Target’s website.
        Talk about hoarding.

        • jestrjef says:

          WOW! Wonder what he going to do with those?? I also wonder what the shipping cost was on 300 haulers!!

        • PirateDad says:

          Wow, that sounds really excessive to me…can anyone say ebaylien?

        • slicepie says:

          I bought 190 of them and the shipping wasn’t too bad. It wouldn’t be that bad for 300 of them either.

          • Nicole H says:

            No wonder I they were all gone when I went to place my order! My son was a little more than upset when I told him they were all sold out!

            • slicepie says:

              They were available online for 2 weeks after I ordered mine, so it’s not my fault you couldn’t get any.

              • Nicole H says:

                I was out of town taking my children to visit there father who was gone for 6 weeks. I got home and when I finally got to the post about the haulers they were unavailable-which was less than 2 weeks after the post. I understand people wanting to make money especially in this economy but it still hurts to see my 4 yr old disappointed. He looks on here as I read and he knows what is coming out, he isn’t dumb. I will not buy them from ebay or any other site that has them priced way above retail. I shouldn’t have to when they were available at retail and still would be if people hadn’t bought hundreds of them to make a profit on. Not hating on anybody but it is a little ridiculous to buy that many for an reason. Put yourself in my shoes, how would you feel to tell your son that you missed out on ordering them and they are all gone? Especially when he knew they were going to be coming out. That’s all I am saying.

          • TJH-AZ says:

            Jake, Why aren’t you buying direct from the importer or mfg’er? I guess 190 isn’t enough to be considered a re-seller (except by pretty much everyone on here), but 300 by the person on carsthetoys? 6 to a box, that’s 50 boxes, sounds like a pallet to me. And a pallet of haulers seems like MORE than any brink and mortar toy store would buy which would seem like someone buying that much would buy DIRECT from the importer or mfg’er, and NOT from another re-seller.

        • TJH-AZ says:

          Ordering 50 is NOT collecting, it’s re-selling. Put the order on a credit card and hope he can sell the lot before the payment is due.

  • iamspeed says:

    Did anyone else notice that TRU has bumped their haulers up to $14.99??? They even had Jerry, buried at the back of the shelf….no takers, I guess.

    • slicepie says:

      The pricing at TRU is set per store. I have two near me and one is still at $13.99 while the other has increased the price to $14.99. The told me it’s all based on popularity of the item in that particular store – ie: if it sells better, the price goes up.

      • 5oclockshadow says:

        nothing like good ol American price fixing.

        Oh well, the clock is ticking for TRU anyways. I think Japan and UK stores will be the first to go.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Looks like Leak Less will be in most of the case assortments. Is he ahead in the points standings?

  • applefinatic says:


  • CaptainChunk says:

    Finally found Jerry this morning(at WM *and* Kmart), now we’re all caught up until Trunk Fresh starts showing up. I ordered all the ones listed on Amazon/Target’s site, but I’m not holding my breath on that going through.

  • DaddyO says:

    MET, we fully expect to hear from you the moment the Sidewall Shine, Mood Spring and Paul Valdez haulers become available online at Target/Amazon!

    Does anyone know if Paul is related to Juan or Exxon?

  • Monica says:

    Dangit, I need me a basement!

  • Lampit, UK says:

    Does this mean that Sidewall shine will be released as a single/launcher ?

  • NCC-2000 says:

    Weird, I had pictured the Trunk Fresh hauler being mostly black with green accents, not the other way around. Oh well.

  • Roswell says:

    i was only thinking the other day, i hope they make some more non-racer haulers like Paul Valdez (PV Hauler) and Ben Crankleshaft (OMB Hauler)
    Met, you have an ETA for GiL?

    think ill just give in and buy him online…

  • jestrjef says:

    SWEET! I guess all of you TARGET/AMAZON buyers can sit back and wait for the haulers to come to you!!

    I am LOVING most of these case assortments!! Hope I can buy when they start arriving!

  • TarheelBill says:

    I guess Mattel hasn’t justified making a new mold for a chromed tanker yet.

  • Elaine says:

    Judging from what I’m seeing in stores and from what’s coming down the pipe, Jerry is going to be a big time shelf warmer. Who’d have thought!?!

    I remember when Met was all, “Good luck finding Jerry on the shelves.”

    I’m really glad these Haulers are going to be easier to find than originally thought.

    • TarheelBill says:

      The ease of finding these as well as the Mega Size line is because of the case assortments. I wish they would apply the same to the singles line. 🙂

  • gervart says:

    hmm, Paul Valdez looks very familiar if you know what i mean 😉

  • samurai60 says:

    What is in Case D??????

  • BigYeti says:

    All I have been able to find here in Eden, NY is Mack, Gray, and Chick Hicks haulers!!!!!!!

  • marlaine8 says:

    We’ve got all of the haulers that have been released so far. I really like them, but for some reason, my son doesn’t play with them. He’s never stopped playing with all of the diecasts, minis and all of the playsets and tracks, but he really doesn’t play with these. I’ll still get them all–I like them!

    • John in Missouri says:

      Kids are smart! They know these are not canon (properly scaled). I wish they were all rear-loading AND in scale.

    • LiamsMom says:

      Yeah, that is how my son is too, so I’m a little torn. I will probably just buy the ones I really like and pass on most of them.

      • sarge says:

        my son does not play with them ether. i bought a leak less hauler…he played for one day and now he is in the closet resting with mac hauler. He prefers playing with the racers and with the three litrle deviles wingo, dj and boost

    • TJH-AZ says:

      My son is the same. He has all of the haulers except Jerry. The only one he plays with sometimes is Wally and he treats that like a moving van. He loves the cars and playsets and consistantly plays with them, but not the haulers.

  • lost says:

    love the haulers but wife say we don,t have room for them. But that hasn’t stopped me yet.

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