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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Retail Roundup

CollectorMom reports in – Jerry Recycled on her shelf at TRU – I think the second person to report in but the first with photos …


And yep, Mattel shipped early to WM & now TRU … so much for their grand plan on making everyone pay for freight to get the haulers, I guess that only applies to everyone not named WM, TRU and maybe Target?


Kimberly D. sent us this link, this looks vaguely familiar but not quite right …

And better news, Altan sends us pics to show that not only bootleg-pirate CARS are sold in Turkey … in fact, the selection looks better than most WM’s … though that looks like a Buzz & Woody 2-fer …


More haulers than I’ve seen on the shelf in NorCal.


The double wide Mack RC – exclusive to TRU in the US?


Not from Mattel but not readily available in the US.


Way better than that idiotic bootleg Mack ride – this is sharp … – nice Ransburg finish! Even that Cinderella coach looks cool …


Another international tidbit – Stephan S. sends us info that the launcher C Case in Germany is a 12-pack … 2 Nitroades, 2 Easy Idle, 4 Mood Springs & 4 Fiber Fuel’s.

Just a reminder – the international division of Mattel operates separately and makes their own distribution decisions …

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