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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: When You Click Your Heels, All your Apple Car & Apple Hauler Dreams Will Come True …

In a magical world (Earth 2.0 to be precise), all these are available … here on this Earth, sadly, not so much … yea, who would buy these?

In case you missed the earlier posts, all of these are crafted by hand by Mr. Aroldo Pongetti. Check out the posts HERE, HERE & HERE.


Because he can.


The original giant Mack Apple Hauler … we’ll just call this the Apple Hauler Pro.


The new Apple Hauler Team Set … available as the free premium when you sign up for Mattel’s pneumatic tube auto delivery to your house program – now a new CAR every day at noon – no more having to wait until 6 PM every night – finally! Martin says next year, it might be one in the morning and one at night but he says they have to upgrade JL-1000 to OSX 15.5 before he can approve 700 designs a year …


The Complete Apple Hauler Team Set … available at the Matty trucks that drive around the neighborhood selling ice cream, frozen shrimp the size of your head and CARS …


This one is only available at the CTC truck that visits neighborhoods only on Tuesday. Man, I can’t believe I have to wait another 4 days before he comes around again … I also hope he has those giant otter pops again …


This is the variant raised flag version only available at Walgreen’s. You can’t miss it, it’s that archway stack by the free codeine.


I think this the Brazil Carnival giveaway … man, it’s hard to samba while holding this but I suppose you have to make some sacrifices …

It sure is nice on Earth 2.0 … I wonder what the CARS situation is like on the Earth 1.0 …do people there still wear pants and have to drive around in circles looking for CARS – all while being suppressed by gravity? That’s just crazy.

Please note that other than that these customs are very real – everything else is sadly not true … especially the gravity thing – just a government conspiracy, man …

So, thanks for the great customs and the great pics Aroldo … I will plug back into the matrix now …

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