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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Day at the Races Book – CARS2 Clues?

I got a copy of the two sided Disney Press book, “Day at the Races-Night Vision” that “LiamsMom” first pointed out to us last week.


It’s the story of McQueen’s new track at Radiator Springs …


Fortunately, in an internal combustion engine society, you can build a race track without having to file an environmental impact report – I mean who hasn’t looked at Monument Valley and thought – ROAD RALLY through the arches! 🙂

So, this could be a preview of the beginning of CARS2?


The BMW on the cover is named Otto and comes to Radiator Springs to learn how to race … he visits Lizzie’s Curio Shop … CHASE CAR – Stickers Otto!

Just kidding … I think? 🙂

Though of course, it is a kid’s book so I don’t think they spent a lot of time debating canonosity.


I mean, the entire town was practically a ghost town, you think LM could afford to find some office and garage space instead of taking over Flo’s Cafe … I think Tricia the real estate agent CAR might have a quibble with this 🙂

But of course, the best part of the book for kids …



Is there a kid who does not like stickers? 🙂

You get like 4 pages of stickers … so, book is probably not very canon or germaine or cluelicious to CARS2 but a fun story with plenty o’stickers …

Original post with links to the other two-sided CARS books originally issued with the WM8 diecast CARS.

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