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IndyKJT CAR CARES: Your Help or Donations …

What is CAR CARES?

“This program is designed to take in donated items, new or gently used, related to the 2006 Disney/Pixar movie Cars.  Those items are then taken, and put into care packages that are sent out to children 14 and younger who would benefit from such a package.  We also take in monetary donations to purchase Cars items, and to help offset the costs associated with shipping out the packages.

These packages can be sent out to kids who can use a small gift to uplift their spirits and moods. During stays at the hospital, or even times at home recovering, little things go a long way for kids. Things like this stick in a child’s mind, and are as comforting as anything else can be. And, as a parent, can be one of the most wonderful things even from someone they don’t know personally.

This program can be one of those wonderful things. It can be a help to parents who have children coping with something of this nature. It can be a help to brothers and sisters of these kids, who often feel left out due to all the attention being paid elsewhere. It can be a help to kids who are still in the hospital, who are at home sick, who have lost a loved one, or have one through anything that a little box of Cars stuff can help to mitigate.”

Be sure and read about Kevin, and the Tamosaitis family & their personal reasons for starting this and their time spent in different hospitals.

Cars Cares always accepts new and gently used Disney/Pixar Cars related merchandise.  This can include diecast, plush, stickers, books, activity kits, games, clothing, etc.  We also accept and encourage monetary donations.  Money donated will be used primarily for purchasing new Cars merchandise, and to offset shipping costs for care packages.

If you have anything you wish to donate other than Cars merchandise, please contact the site administrator prior to donating.

Send donation packages to:

Cars Cares

8656 Hopewell Ct.
Camby, IN  46113
Monetary donations can be made via PayPal at the Cars Cares email address: carscares@hotmail.com

You can read Kevin’s blog at: carscares.wordpress.com

Thanks to all.

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  • acuransx says:


    Ok, I’ll keep an eye out for it in our inter office mail, sign, and send to indykjt.

    indykjt, sounds like you better get to work on making this non-peofit org. so I can approach my uppermanagement here at Mattel. Not sure what that entails or how hard is it to do.

    Good luck.

  • indykjt says:

    First off, I would like to thank Met for posting about the Cars Cares program. It was actually Traver that put the wheels in motion for that. I hope the TFAD’ers embrace the program the way it was embraced when I first started it last August.

    Secondly, I also want to thank acuransx. Ever since I first contacted him, he has been nothing but willing and optimistic about helping out the program any way he is able. Wait until you see what we are planning!

    Finally, thank you all for the comments here, and on the Cars Cares blog. I have been quietly around TFAD since just before the switch from the previous site, and I see what kind of family has grown here. I share much of that sentiment about carsthetoys.com, and I hope this program is something that can grow even more with the help of both sites!

    I will kee updating the blog, and keep trying to make it better… I am just learning! I don’t have any hope of making it as nice as here at TFAD, but I’ll try!

    Make sure you keep checking the blog… I’ll have some more announcements and details coming over the next few weeks.

    (MET: “Chuki_Mama” is graciously sending me a N20 Cola in case to forward to Martin to sign – he will send it to indykjt/Car Cares to add it to their upcoming auction).

  • acuransx says:


    I will pull as hard as I can here. I’m just a srub,………… but will try.

    Let me see what I can do here. Mattel Matters to Children, that is our Creed.

  • acuransx says:


    Well put buddy. Not that it is right but when I’m having a bad day I do think of how it could always be worse.

    These children need our help and we should help when we can. As I said before, Mattel is all about helping children. OK, Matty’s not working but let’s get over ourselves and really see what matters to who.

    Pegwarmers to us bring smiles to others. Go Cars Cares. Maybe I kick this up to JL? Let’s see how this plays out.

    • traver says:

      i will do my part. nothing like seeing a loved one go through cancer and to loose that battle, but it is another thing to see children go through this same battle. Sometimes, the children are fighting the battle alone, a much worse thing to see.

      • Samuel says:

        Traver –

        I couldn’t agree with you more – it’s heartbreaking to see a child suffer with a serious illness and yet amazing to see them still just trying to be kids and enjoy such simple pleasures as a toy. Long story short, about a year ago I helped take care of a little 5 year old guy dealing with leukemia who had to come to surgery for treatments twice a month and he and his family loved Cars cars – he just about always had one in his hand when I saw him pre-op. His dad loved Dale jr and they could never find that car, so when I tracked one down and had it waiting for him at his next procedure, I’ll never forget the smile on his face. Definitely feels better to give then to always collect for yourself 🙂

    • BMW says:

      Wonderful idea acura, Kevin has helped out lots of people!

  • alice says:

    what a great idea! i plan to contribute as much and as often as i can.


  • acuransx says:

    Kevin e-mailed me on this program and I will be getting involved as well. He is going to send me Cars items that I will sign and mail back to him so he can hopefully raffle it off. Not to say that my stupid signature would mean much to anybody, but we’ll give it a shot 🙂

    I will then approach my upper management here at Mattel and urge them to get officialy involved as well, we raise thousands of dollars every year @ Dream Halloween for the Children Effected by AIDS Foundation. Both items I designed, the Cars Display Case and DarthMater did OK @ the auction. 23 thousand combined. That doesn’t even count the Hot Wheels and Barbie items…………

    Just have to check out all the stuff by the legal eagles here at Mattel before hand.

    Good luck Kevin, may good Carsma arrive at work drivers seat.

    • traver says:

      you might have a problem with that, i would imagine that those organizations are officially registered as approved charities. i.e. tax deductible!

      either way it is a great cause. if you are having a bad day, or you think life stinks, go visit childrens hospital, a cancer institute and see families and children; this will give you a different perspective on life.

      Just my opinion.

      • Lenin says:

        Yeah when I spoke to Mattel about my x-mas drive they said that I had to be a non profit, but they still helped with the discounted prices at their store, it was something and we were grateful. But then again Martin might just have a bit more pull :-).

        Great job Kevin will do what we can to help.

      • indykjt says:

        Good point Traver. I am looking into becoming an official charitbale organization. I had hoped this program would grow, but six months ago I didn’t imagine that it would be where it is now, much less what I am now envisioning for the not too distant future!

  • BMW says:

    Have donated as well. Great program.

  • cac1959 says:

    This is a great program. I have supported it by donating both money and extra Cars and will continue to do so. In fact, one of my UK trading partners and I are donating an extra Faux Wheel Drive for Kevin to use in the program for an upcoming promotion he has in mind.

    I have an 11 year old nephew who is autistic. The Cars Cares program sent my nephew a package. He thought it was great that friends of mine, who he has never meant, sent him a package with Cars.

    Kevin has also posted photos from this past December when he delivered Cars Cares packages to children. The joy on the face of these children receiving the packages says it all. They may be pegwarmers to us, but they can and do make a difference to the children who receive them.

  • Dadster says:

    Sending out a package…

  • L8rM8r says:

    Yeah good point 5oclockshadow now I know what to do with the extras. Will be nice to see that they go to a good home

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Perfect time to post this. Right before the TRU Gask-its promotion.

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