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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Pirate CARS (And Not the Good Kind of Pirating)

As promised, from Altan’s other post about shopping for CARS in Turkey … the other side of CARS …

Every manufacturer knows that there are counterfeiters and pirates out there creating a knockoff from their hard work … well, in this case, the pirates didn’t work all that hard …

Pretty freakin’ uncanny, huh?


Well, they are honest in their dishonesty … it’s labled as CRAZ-E and FUNNY CAR … and if it makes you laugh out loud, that’s something and it’s cheap … and hey,  it’s about $40 less than the Mattel 1:24’s AND you get way more lumpy plastic … but it’s also interactive as Altan tells us!

Tongue to hook 155 mm, 6 in app.
Not very bad cheap plastic.
Bump and turn and go.
3 AA batteries.
Hook is swinging.
Body is “side down and up”
Eyes moving.
Light on rims.
A very bad Chinese song (as always). I usually remove the speaker cable before I give it to son.

What more could you want?



Though they are smart in one sense … it’s hard to sue someone for doing a knockoff when you can’t really tell what it is …

If I ever got around to doing customs, they would pretty much look like these …

And I think these are giving pirates a bad name 🙂

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