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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Haulers European Tour

These are the photos from David V. a few weeks ago of the Haulers in Europe …


BTW, apparently Octane Gain is number #1 in Europe … good EU agent?

Stephen H-B sent us a direct comparison of the US & EU hauler …


Whereas the US says VEHICLES SOLD SEPARATELY (meaning the photo of Chick Hicks was just an example), the EU version of course contains that same message but in a multitude of languages … and of course by not writing out CHICK HICKS HAULER (in English), they can avoid having to repeat it in text the other 8-10 languages required.


Same with the back, all the language requirements take up a lot of room … but of course, the good news is it seems Mattel Int’l has woken from their slumber realizing that people in Europe would like to buy some CARS … as for Canada & Australia … I know, not enough or not much love for you guys so far …

(There is a rumor that someone in the Netherlands has spotted a Nitroade Hauler? True?)

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