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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Mack Track Challenge Looks Fun

Normally, tracks don’t impress or interest me much (yes, I’m a jaded 8-year old 😉  ) but this looks pretty cool …

It has just the right amount of sleight-of-hand and the possibility of sending a CAR flying in the air and crashing into something completely unforeseen … you know, the usual …

“Were you taking a shower there?”

“Little bro, stand right here on the duct tape X – no reason, why?”

“Put your eye right here.”

“I’m testing out chaos theory, it’s my homework.”

“Okay, through the Race & Rescue loop de loop – through the fireplace and onto the oily rags …”



“The action starts as Lightning McQueen boosts into high speed with the power booster. Next you can make a lane change by pushing and holding the button to make Lightning McQueen take the in-field route. But wait—Mack is on the track and is drifting! If Lightning McQueen can zoom up Mack’s loading ramp he will launch right out of the top and onto the inner lane to take the lead! Includes one Lightning McQueen vehicle.”


And how can you go wrong with a track that comes with a giant red button? 🙂

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  • C McLean says:

    Yes, the whole idea is bizarre, but it’s the only thing our 5 yo asked for at Christmas this year, so Santa brought it. Buyers beware : as is typical with toy products, there is usually a lot more on the box/advertising pictures than you actually get, so read the item list – there is only one car, McQueen. Our son does play with this regularly, but not for long, and we’ve yet to find another Disney Pixar car that doesn’t fly off the track/go really slowly/hardly go at at all.
    Overall rating : 5/10

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