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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The French McQueen Pictorial

Our friends and CARS collector David from France sends us a great link to a page he put together … a great recap of all the McQueen’s from the film and all of the direct diecast release from that scene …


Check it out here.

Here’s his mini bio … sounds pretty much like every collector here 🙂

I first saw Cars with my son in theater in 2006. The movie was so great, the
story was good and the 3d pictures so detailed ! It then becomes my favorite
Pixar movie.

One day in 2007 in a toy stores, I saw for the first time Cars diecast models. I
bought Lightning McQueen first. I have been really surprised by the quality of
that toy and the details on the tiny stickers.

A few weeks later, I bought Mater. I didn’t know anything about this beginning
collection but because Lightning and Mater are the principal characters of the
movie, I thought they should be the hardest characters to find 🙂

I don’t know when I really decided to collect, I think I just wanted to start
with the Radiator Springs characters, but now I know I couldn’t stop and needed
to continue 🙂 I bought any new car each time I could.

Searching for a checklist, I tried to find some Internet sites about the Cars
diecast collection and each time I found a site, it was terrible because I
discovered a huge amount of new cars to come or unknown ones, especially when I
discovered Takefiveaday.

You can also check out his collection here:


Thanks for the great post David and as some dude with a suspiciously familiar name says in the first comment, “Tres joli!!!!”

“Buckland Blowouts” – that must be a pretty common login name … 🙂

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