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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Movie Moments Now on Target

It’s finally been confirmed and while it’s been pretty much set for month, it’s definitely a Target exclusive …

And there appears to be a finalized list … there are definitely some Desert Art & Supercharged Movie Moment packs NOT scheduled for Race O Rama for 2009. I would think it means these Movie Moments are retiring …

Now, keep in mind for 50% above of the individual CARS, they are duplicate available in other formats so clearly the CARS themselves are not being retired. And as with the CARS line there is no official announcement so these could come back in the next card design after Race O Rama packaged as they are … I would say the odds are against it but it’s not impossible.

And of course – for most, it’s really just THIS packaging format, you can continue to buy Crusin’ McQueen, Fillmore, Sally, etc … as Race O Rama singles or Luigi & Guido in a 3-CAR Gift Pack … Sarge – they keep claiming he’s coming back and he’s listed with TJ below … as for the Pixar CARS? That might be trickier but after resting a year, who knows … maybe we might even see a box set at Christmas time? I doubt there are retired-retired – just retired as Movie Moments and prehaps better listed as ‘resting.’

There are a few Desert Art & Supercharged configurations coming back as Race O Rama Movie Moments …


No real shockers as the Desert Arts continuing are the core townies and the two Supercharged sets really arrived at the tail end as Supercharged anyway.

ALL of the first timers to WORLD OF CARS cards are returning including, of course, Flik & PT Flea …

And new to Race O Rama … the first releases will be …

Some have already gotten an international release … and coming much later – in the Fall or early winter of 2009 … (or we might see them earlier internationally as well).

As these are now Target exclusives, basically we will count on YOU to spot them. They could start arriving tomorrow but I imagine it might be summer when we will start seeing these. I’m sure as usual, Target will get a case of 12 – blow through those in a few days and the pegs will sit empty until Labor Day 🙁

Happy hunting!

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