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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Red Line the Red Line Club?

It’s time to re-up for the Red Line Club …


It’s a cool looking membership car but if you’re only collecting CARS, there will be no more CARS items in the Red Line Club.

We can cut through the PR BS – Hot Wheels Collectors don’t want CARS on their site and the Hot Wheels Group at Mattel could also care less about CARS … but our bestest friend at Mattel will do his best to make sure we have super duper special CARS without paying a membership fee.

Okay, that’s the good news – you can guess at what the bad news is …

mcShouldn’t “No Longer Available” be some other phrase?

On the other hand, Matty says to shop at Matty to complete your collection so since this is all available, my collection must be complete?


Of course, the sad thing is they can’t even scrap up plastic stands for CARS …

So, Matty is the super duper online store to buy limited item CARS items … only the limited is super limited … and you can’t argue that true logic because really – you can’t get more limited than zero.

It’s not like we’d pay $60 for an Apple hauler + racer + Pitty.

Or $49 for Tunerz that are speakers

Or plused Sarge with Quonset Hut for $24.99?

Or Leak Less with real rubber tires and a display stand box for $9.99?

Oh, wait, I would – but hey what do I know? I don’t think I speak for more than 25,000 to 50,000 people or $10 million for Mattel but hey, that kind of money you can find almost anywhere, like under the conference room desk – I have almost that much under my sofa anytime … who needs all that grief that comes with selling stuff – they already get out fulfillment kicks by mailing out Piston Cup racers for TRU – what more could any corporation want – certainly not more money?

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