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Merry & Happy Christmas ALL – New TakeFive Banner :-)

Merry & Happy Christmas all!

Thanks for joining us here at Take5 and thanks for being a great group! Thanks again for other present.

We’re going to take the rest of the day off and we won’t post again until tomorrow – so enjoy your holiday with friends, family, loved ones and relatives (which may or may not be mutually exclusive 🙂 ).

Meanwhile, you can get a preview of our new front page banner logo courtesy of Martin Arriola of Mattel. Thanks, Martin.

Like the CARS he has created for us all – it’s fun, cool and bursting with personality … another ‘rolling piece of art.’It’s too bad you can’t see the original watercolor at full size with its depth & clarity of master strokes … as with any truly great artist, it just feels right and it seems like it’s a real moment captured forever.

We are limited to the width of a typical webpage so if you get the chance, save it to your desktop and view it at a larger size – a much better way to appreciate it.

So, in a few days, it will be up as our new banner logo – and adios to the rock ’em – sock ’em robots.

Thanks Martin & your team for bring CARS to life and thanks for a great present to CARS fans everywhere …but especially for us 🙂


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