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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Aroldo Customs Tutorial #2

Have you all completed your Mater customs from tutorial #1?

You must be ready for tutorial #2 …

All you need is some resin material, plastic pipe and soldered brass rod.

(I say that like I know what I’m talking about and not just copied from his email)


Then make magic.

In no time at all (if you’re an artist), here is the finished headpiece.

Then paint to match exactly …

The raw fuel cans – rubber mold, the original master and the resin can resting on the hood.

Got it? 🙂

Pretty much the same instructions for the Sistine Chapel. Visualize. Create. Paint. Touch up. Done.


Here’s Mack finished – also with touchup chrome all around.

And of course, now that “megasized” Mack is out, Aroldo had to make some new headphones & mike to fit the slightly smaller Mack.


And of course, prior to the ‘hauler’ releases, Aroldo had to make his own …


Pretty amazing! Remember, all hand done from scratch! There was NO green truck to start with …


King is stock but Dinoco Blue truck – all from scratch including having to color match.


Every detail in place …


Brilliant and great. Thanks again Aroldo for giving us a peek in the master’s workshop.

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