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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Why I’m Collecting – Reason #4

For some things, “less is more,” but for diecast CARS, it’s the opposite,

“The more details, the more sales.”

Recently, Philippe B. took all these photos of some of his Ramone’s to note all the detailing …

Of course, beyond the obvious different paint schemes, the rims are all different – gold, gold with silver trim or all silver.

All minor detailing but done just because. You might not have spotted it right away or even notice it consciously but like the rest of the line, it just seems right. And it is.

It’s in the details … something Ramone would certainly agree with 🙂

So, you could call Ramone a repaint but that would dismissing the details …

‘Lo ‘n ‘Slo … so you can …

Appreciate the art.

Appreciate the details.

Thanks for the pics Philippe B.

Remember – “More details, More sales.”

UPDATE: BostonScoot sends along the parade of Ramones …

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