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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Through Thick & Thin

For those keeping track, the new cardbacks are .065 mm in thickness …

While the previous WORLD OF CARS cardbacks are .079 mm in thickness or a little under 20% difference.

As noted, the difference in the cardboard being thinner means it’s much likely to get damaged or show more shelf wear-box rub during shipping and normal handling … also if you live in an area where there are major humidity changes, you want to make sure they are stored as flat as possible as with each rise and drop in humidity means it begins to expand and contract the cardboard ever so slightly.

Though as noted in an earlier post, in June 2009 (or somewhere around there), there will be four major points of interest:

a) These Race O Rama cards will be getting slightly shorter so officially, this card design & look will change around June 2009 so card completists, take note, you may only get one chance to collect a lot of these CARS on the “full size” Race O Rama cards (ie: Yeti, Sheriff, etc …) Details of the change in size is noted in this post.

b) As noted in the same post, Lenticular CARS will start arriving, call them v1.1.

c) Single CASES will switch from 18 CARS to 30 24 CARS.

d) Mater Tall Tales CAR TOONS CARS should start arriving.

Happy New Year!

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