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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Singles Cases D & E

Case D is just starting to ship from the warehouse and CASE E should be out in January.

Case D singles should be the last ‘new’ CARS item to leave the warehouse in calendar year 2008.

Keep in mind, January cases are generally the hardest to find at the big three retailers.

And yes, a little too top heavy on Lightning McQueen’s. The main Lightning McQueen is always fine, always good to have that on the shelf and certainly any newer McQueen’s are welcome for anyone who didn’t get a chance to get one like Tumbleweed but some of the others can take a longer break.

And a little late but better late than …

Coming in Singles CASE F …

Plus there are other CARS in Case F but for those who were thinking about sending out a search party for Nitroade Pitty, the mind-the-gap #64 in the numbering scheme …

… leaving us, of course, the really, really, really late to the party, #30.

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