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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Holiday “Bulbs” Are Out

They actually look nicer than the photos originally supplied by Mattel …

The only color “bulbs” appear to be blue & green …

However, as interesting as they look, they have no functionality outside of them remaining sealed … because the bulb shapes are the blisters so when you open them, they remain attached to the cardboard and you end up with …

The CAR with a blister cap & a color tray … which as you can see does not say much of anything – never mind a holiday bulb … McQueen passing through a tunnel support? McQueen going into a time portal?

Or removing that, you have two colored trays which again don’t convey much of anything …

To recreate the bulb look, you need to put the front blister back on – something you cannot remove cleanly … clearly not much of a solution … this is one pack you want the glue to fail.

So, as long as you don’t plan on opening them, they are actually done better than Mattel’s original photos of them but keep in mind, they are only amusing if you plan on keeping them sealed … though, presumably most people have these CARS already so for collectors, it may not matter.

I believe people have emailed saying they have seen these at Kmart for $10.99 each – they are not at my Kmart but that’s no shocker … these are “alternative channel” items which pretty much means everyone else not Walmart, Target and TRU might have them … so start with Kmart and work your way down and around … CTC reports that Mattel’s warehouse is sold out so presumably, they did not make these in great quantity so while they may not be all that popular, once they are gone, they are gone … and officially, these appear to be the last WOC card releases.

But save your money for next year – REAL CARS seasonals are coming including a certain rusty tow truck who might just have to pull a sleigh throw a foggy night with the the help of a bright … 😉

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