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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Hey, 2008 Leak Less is a Variant

Okay, sure, people have been emailing me for a while or maybe it’s just one guy using different emails 🙂 … claiming that Leak Less is green but I guess I’ll blame the email mail system for poor color representation but yes, the Leak Less is more fluorescent green than the correct yellow. Dude, you were right. 🙂

I was in Target the other day and two launchers caught my eye and I thought, “Leak Less is not supposed to be green, he’s a yeller feller …”

And in the original release, he was definitely yellow … (desert cards) and also Supercharged releases but sometime in 2008, he became tinged with green …

It’s subtle but original 2006 Leak Less is surrounded by the greener/greenish Leak Less. You can slo tell in the original, his 52 had a darker yellow gradient fill which is now definitely more green.

Here is a shot in low light which shows off the difference better …

Now if that ain’t enough to make a grown man leak …

Who painted my launcher the wrong color?!

It gets worse buddy – they done greened up the WHOLE crew!

Old Leak Less shuffled off to the side – replaced by a green machine – and Stacy, Earl Filter all green tinged yellow to match the launcher!

Here is original Leak Less surround by his new suddenly green crew – no wonder he looks mad.

Rest of the variant listing is here – updated to include Leak Less.

And for those I dismissed – when I said, “What are you talking about? You’re crazy!,” what I meant was – I’ll get to it straight away and update the post as quickly as possible … so thanks for the heads up … even if it took me 6 months to figure out what you meant when you said, “Leak Less is GREEN!” Next time try being more direct  😛

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