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Disney Pixar 3-Disc Wall•E DVD Coming Tomorrow

I don’t think I really need to sell anyone on the merits of Pixar’s Wall•E … 🙂 but just wanted to give you a heads up that you might want to consider the 3-disc DVD version of Wall•E coming out tomorrow.

There are a planet-full of extras for film fans, Pixar fans and fans of Wall•E including the 87-minute docu on Pixar with interviews of all the important people … INCLUDING these Extras …

1. BURN-E (New Animated Short – This is a short about the welder robot who was seen banging his fists against the door of the Axiom spaceship)

2. BnL Shorts (An Amusing Peek Into The Inner Workings Of The Buy n Large Corporation)

3. Lots Of Bots Storybook (This Imaginative Storybook Comes To Life Loaded With Fun Games)

4. Making Of Featurettes

5. Bot Files (Get To Know WALL-E’s Robot Friends)

6. Presto (The short from the theaterical release)

7. Deleted Scenes (including “Garbage Airlock” (WALL-E rescues EVE from being ejected from the ship, then revives her) and “Dumped” (when WALL-E gives the plant to EVE, she realizes she must take it to the bridge so it can be analyzed).

8.  Sneak Peek WALL-E’s Tour Of The Universe (Join WALL-E on his own private tour of the Universe through the World-Wide Telescope, narrated by Auto-Pilot.)

10. Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds From The Sound Up Legendary Sound Designer Ben Burtt Shares Secrets Of Creating The Sounds Of WALL-E

11. Audio Commentary With Director Andrew Stanton

12. The Pixar Story By Leslie Iwerks An Award-Winning Filmmaker Tells The Riveting Story Of The Innovative Company That Revolutionized Hollywood. (87-minute docu on Pixar with interviews and rare clips!)

13. WALL-E’s Treasures And Trinkets Hilarious Moments

PLUS you get a DIGITAL COPY included to view on your PC, Mac or iPod/iPhone.

Our Amazon Link to the 3-Disc Version – a nice price at $22.99 which includes the DIGITAL COPY (you get a code to download at the iTunes store – normally, around $14.99 to buy a iTunes new movie).

And like everything else now, there are more versions to wade through 🙂

The Blu-Ray version also with everything above & the DIGITAL COPY is $24.99. There is also a Blu-Ray version that is only two discs and does NOT include a Digital Copy version – for a NICKEL less so … if you’re going Blu Ray, $.05 extra for the Pixar Docu and a digital version for your iPod/iPhone is a much smarter way to go … 🙂

The single disc version includes a couple of the shorts, deleted scenes and the Animation Sound Design featurette.

While you’re at Amazon, you can also pick up the two books about the history of Pixar – the “official” one written by the producer of the docu of Pixar on the disc …

To Infinity and Beyond!: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios.”

The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company,” the unofficial account but very detailed book that picks up the story even before Pixar became Pixar and how all the major players arrived.

Or if you just prefer the art of the their works …

The Art of Wall•E … there has been one for every Pixar movie – if you don’t have them, better hurry – The Art of CARS is only available used.

You can also get a $300 version of the Art of Ratatouille, Limited Edition with a handwritten letter from Brad Bird and five signed limited edition prints (signed by artist).

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