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Be the Life of the Party – Whip Out Your Own Lead Testing Gun!

  • On-the-spot screening of up to 25 Toxic Metals including Pb, As, Hg, Cr, Cd, Tl, and 20+ other toxic elements with results in seconds
  • Innov-X Handhelds are used by US Customs, FDA, DOE, DOD, EPA, and the CDC for a wide variety of materials testing and border security requirements
  • Available in the Alpha Series with PDA or our Omega version, sealed and weather-proofed for field operations
  • Easily used by non-technical operators
  • The Innov-X Import Guard records and documents every test, every material, every result
  • Easily measures odd shapes and sizes

Okay, it may be for everyone – looks like it costs $32k but you’ll be the hit of the neighborhood – like the Field of Dreams in Iowa, people will drive miles and bring you things to scan!

Put it on your Christmas list!

There are videos to watch also!

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1 November 2008 Advertising, Marketing, Retail, Toys 11 Comments

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