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Mattel Pixar Diecast CAR: Will There Be a Kmart CARS Collector Day II?

Will there be a CARS Collector Days 2?

Most likely but don’t hold your breath.

They would need another 5-7 NEW CARS to sell and the year of 2008 is DONE.

Right now, they are just busy clearing the warehouses (or will be for another month or so) – the last thing on their mind is pulling together a list of 5-7 CARS to sell at CARS Event Days II.

So, yes Mattel & Kmart were both happy – I’m sure – who can complain when they manage to sell 15,000+ CARS in one day? … but unlike Hot Wheels which has Treasure Hunts and Super Treasure Hunts as part of the regular production process – CARS requires more pre-planning … though conveniently there are still dozens of Piston Cup Racers never released as singles … if they start planning right now, we can probably have an event as early as February 2009.

(the stores are busy cleaning and taking inventory in January) …

But it could just as likely be later in the Spring if Mattel, Pixar & Kmart don’t get together until January so until they do, no firm plans.

So, relax – you do not have to make plans to shop at Kmart until 2009 (unless you want to, of course).

And yes, if it happens it will be at Kmart – why?

Again, Target & Wal Mart would only be willing to do it if Mattel paid them – no reason since Kmart is willing to do it for free … Toys R Us would probably be willing to do it but really, they don’t have enough stores – there are less than 700 TRU’s left so while Kmart is no powerhouse retailer anymore, they still have a 2,000+ stores willing to do this and basically will do whatever Mattel wants so Kmart it is!

And now thanks to covert ops “C,” we have the the memo that was sent out to Kmart’s for this last event so next time if they deviate from the rules, you can throw their rules back in the face 🙂

There are amusing tidbits on page #1 … apparently if this event is executed correctly, that store will sell more Pixar CARS than normal … um really, you think? You mean, they don’t normally sell through 24 boxes in 90 minutes?

And corporate seems to think if this was not held in an accessible area, we would have just given up? They could’ve held this under a black tarp on the roof and I think everyone here wouldn’t have even blink an eye, right?

Some people said that they were told, first come, first serve so clearly that is WRONG. Page 1!

Note, the NO AGE RESTRICTION notation so nah, nah to all those Hot Wheels dudes. as detailed further below, if they can pick out a CAR, they are A-Okay.

They also suggest asking collectors to bring their collections to show off … um, that might not end well … and curses, there was no free food sampling at my Kmart … but again, that would’ve caused a different riot.

“Hey, I wanted the regular Spam Single not this Lite stuff … you’re dripping all over the cards!”

“Don’t take that tone with me!”


(Thanks again, C!)

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