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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Target TO-DO – Order More Storytellers

A quick trip around Targets proves that Storytellers is by most measures a MASSIVE HIT and the shelves are bare.

The most obvious question is when is the re-stock coming … and there is a re-stock coming, right?

While we know there is a second wave coming – not sure when but maybe even before 2008?

But did Target order enough for a re-stock of the current CASE A & B? Did Mattel forget to ask them to order re-stock?

Did Mattel think this line might not sell that fast? Or did Target not really commit to this line even though it’s an exclusive?

It seems that most stores got one case of A, some stores got case B and one box of the multi-packs or at most 3 CASES per 1,600 Target stores or only about 36 per store.

But the math doesn’t really add up.

Even presuming the store got both cases of the single packs or 24 CARS and while there were multiples of the 4 “new” CARS – there are 11 CARS single Storyteller cards – and there is only ONE FULL set available out of CASE A & B combined.

Sure, there are repeats and CARS available elsewhere like Doc Hudson but if ONE completist collector shows up at ONE Target as they are stocking, that leaves exactly ZERO full sets for anyone else at that store. Or in both boxes, there are only 2 Wedding Day Ramones … sure, you can buy him in the 3-pack – that doesn’t really explain why only ONE person per store can complete a set?

Did your Target get more than 1 box or A & B?

You would guess that Doc is the least popular since you can probably buy him for $2.50 less a few feet away … I have yet to see more than 2 Docs in any store (there’s 1 Doc in each CASE) in the few stores that have ANY singles left … meaning I don’t see much evidence any Targets in my area got more than 1 case of each …

So, did Target really just commit to one box of each?

Maybe I’m wrong and there are tons in the back – does someone need to call up Target’s computer?

Or did Mattel not have much faith in the line extension and again, leaving pegs & money on the table? Or did they allow Target to way under-order even though they gave them this exclusive?

Basically two boxes per store (times 1,600 stores) is about $230,000 retail. From what I can gather, the line is about 90-95% sold out in ONE WEEK – how many more cases should Target have been asked to order per store? 4? 5? Target can’t afford $1 million dollars (wholesale price)? Target probably spends that buying sugar for the coffee machine every week … Did Target really only buy $230,000 worth of merchandise when they should have bought $1 million, $2 million? After all, we’re still 8 weeks from Christmas … no one thought Target could’ve sold another 25 Wedding Day Ramones, Smell Swell McQueen in 8 weeks during the holidays? Really?

How many sure bets are there in toys these days?

Or for comparison, they sold out faster than Elmo. There are more Elmos’s in EVERY store I’ve visited than Doc Hudson’s.

And if Target was really too scared to order more, then give Target first ship exclusive but then sell to everyone else a few weeks later … you don’t have to go far, partner up with Target’s online partner – Amazon.com … offer them a bundled set, 11 Storytellers for $59.99 or something – a little bit of a discount but everyone saves time, right?

Now, if all of Mattel’s diecast lines were in short supply, you could blame other factors but you never have to go far to see which line has full priority?

(SAME STORE as picture #2 – same day – 4 feet away).

Again, I have nothing against Hot Wheels. You WANT to offer shoppers selection, choice and it’s a nice display jaggernaut but why does that service, selection and merchandiscing stop at Hot Wheels? Why leave money on the table for shoppers to maybe choose Greenlight, Maisto or some other diecast line?

Well, if you still care – the full Storyteller Expanded Universe details.

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