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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart Collector Days Cases SOLD OUT

As of right now, they still seem to have plenty left.

Kmart LINK here.

$65.99 plus shipping plus taxes – though DisneyCarsFanatic points out there’s a 10% coupon with the code OCTOBER10.

This is nice – so anyone who missed it, here’s your chance though of course, you’ll have a few extras but that’s nice also.

10:00 AM Pacific Coast time – SOLD OUT. Presumably. Listed as OUT OF STOCK now and unlikely they will have more to sell but you never know, they might unearth a few more but I wouldn’t bet on it. However, if you’re just looking for the set or the 7 “new” CARS of this set, there seems to be sets available on the TRADING POST so good luck!

In going back to my emails, Kmart sent me the email at 2:00 AM my time or 5:00 AM on the East Coast. I got my first reader email at a little after 2:00 AM my time … so people starting buying at 2:00 PDT/5:00 EDT this morning but presumably today being a Saturday, people weren’t fully awake until 8:00 AM to respond to this? … so maybe a solid 7-8 hours available?

I signed up to get the email notification as it was first listed as TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE – EMAIL ME – and surprise, it actually worked – I actually got an email this morning – so congrats, kmart for making this event & day go smooth for the vast majority of people and now selling off your extras online – again in a relatively smooth process. Niely done. Now, we all can’t wait for CARS Collector Day II.

Thanks for everyone who emailed me, SlicePie & CTC. Thanks!


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