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Disney Pixar CARS: Let Them Eat Cake

This CARS thing might just catch on – as one of our readers pointed out, there’s this place that will sell you something called a cake pan where apparently you put ingredients into this thing, bake it and then decorate it – interesting … what will they think of next? Chop down my own tree, make a bow and arrow and hunt down an animal just to eat a meal? Spend 70 hours slow cooking that same tree to make charcoal to roast my mastodon? What’s after that, ore my own cooper to make electrical wires so I can watch football?

But okay, if you want to make your CARS cake, here’s a place that will sell you a CARS shaped pan

There are also instructions on icing the cake – or shortcut, open mouth, squirt in icing and/or whipped cream.

Or cupcake instructions

They also sell these things that are not edible that go on top of a cupcake … humm, why? why? why?

Hey, how about just eating cake, I’m much better at that … this one looks good enough to eat and drive off in …

This is from the CakeJournal … Now, that’s a cake!

Or from CakeItOrLeaveIt … Who am I? Ryan … Just your neighborhood cake taster … I’d trade you a piece for a Cactus McQueen … Doc Hudson?

Um, I think my mom & dad owe me like 12 cakes that look like this … I feel pretty deprived … (VIA FLICKR).

Well, if I can’t eat cake, i guess I’ll settle for some macarons …

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