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Disney Pixar CARS: The Bags-For Sandwiches AND CARS …


Finally, the official carrying plastic bag & sandwiches …

These are clearly for the larger sized CARS such as Barney Stormin’.

If you look in the upper right hand corner, you can see they also offer a mini version – perfect for temporary storage & carrying CARS from room to room or for road trips in your Bentley.

(naturally, you’ll want to wear gloves to keep your skin oils off the CARS).

These guys had the largest booth at Comic Con & the best party …. okay, just kidding. I found these at Target – $1 for a bag of 20 bags …

And in all seriousness, these are fine for kids & the CARS that they’re playing with and of course, for sandwiches but don’t actually use these for long term archival storage – after time & heat, they might just meld onto your CAR … but what do you want for $1?


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