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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Materlover Haz Some CARS :-)

Materlover was kind enough to send us proof that we have a backup of every CARS item produced in case Disney’s salt mine storage springs a leak 🙂

If you look closely, you see that they also ate the proper amount of Pop Tarts to get the license plates …

AND he bought the hardcover of our book – clearly ‘materlover’ is a gentleman and a scholar! We thank thee for your tithe to our Pop Tart fund!

And now, we sleep.

We could only fit about 1/3 of the photos in here – the only sad news is the inventory here is better than most TRU’s (and better displayed) … so if you’ve announced, I have 25 CARS, I think I’m complete … better have the boys here double verify your checklist 🙂 … you might just have a few miles to go …

Thanks Materlover!

(they don’t make a CARS blanket/bedspread doo-hickey? Gasp!)

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