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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: New Home of Movie Moments? Bulls-Eye!

It’s not 100% confirmed but it’s looking very likely the new exclusive home of the Mattel Disney Pixar Movie Moments packaging will be …

Of course, this info is just applicable to the US – as for additional details, that’s hard to say – especially the big news – when will they begin the switchover?

Some people are under the impression the F CASE is the last Movie Moments but G CASE is listed as available for re-seller/wholesale ordering so as of now, G CASE may be the last one available.

Presuming the details are ironed out and it’s a Target exclusive – that of course still leaves us with a bunch of questions from most important to least important.

a) Will the CARS only scheduled as a Movie Moment still appear in a Movie Moment pack? Namely: Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen, Whitewall Lightning McQueen, Patti, or Race Damaged King?
b) Will PT Flea & Flick return?
c) Will the previously announced box packs details still hold true except they will now all carry a Target Exclusive sticker?
d) Will the Target Exclusives start with CASE H?
e) Will Target’s still get 1 box every three months? 🙂

Of course the answers officially and unofficially are: I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know, & I Hope Not.

For completist collectors, will you count the Boost & Snot Rod WOC Movie Moment with a Target Sticker as another version? Your call.

First, let’s presume that CASE G is still available to the general public BUT it looks like Walmart is not ordering if any so it might be a low run shipment FOR THE TIME BEING?


Bob Cutlass & Darrell Cartrip
Leakless #64 & No Stall #123
Luigi and Michael Schumacher
Mia & Tia (red)
Ramone (Purple) & Flo
Red & Stanley
Sally & Crusin McQueen (2)
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70
Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson (2)




Bob Cutlass & Darrell Cartrip
Boost & Snot Rod
Luigi & Guido (Ferrari Fans)
Mia & Tia (red)
Mr and Mrs The King
PT Flea & Flick
Rusty Rust-eze & Dusty Rust-eze
Sally & Crusin McQueen
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen (2)
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70 (2)


Boost & Snot Rod
Dinoco Mia & Tia (2)
Leakless #64 & No Stall #123 (2)
Luigi & Guido (Ferrari Fans)
Luigi & Michael Schumacher
Luigi, Guido & Tractor
Ramone & Flo
Red & Stanley
Sally & Crusin McQueen
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70

These are the three cases that are or should be available very soon – just keep in mind that while Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen is only scheduled for CASE G right now – don’t presume what was … will always be … who knows, maybe now that Target is taking over, the Movie Moments boxes will be better packed … Look at CASE F – we really need 3 Luigi’s in three different packs? Presumably Mattel will realize the slower sales of the MM’s was not because people weren’t interested in Tow Cap or PT Flea BUT were just not that interested in CARS already available as singles repeatedly re-released.

And this applies to PT Flick & Flea – if you want it without a Target sticker or even a new design motif, then you have to have the one last seen in CASE E but if all you are interested in are the CARS, we don’t know if the Target cases will have them in CASE H, J, K & L … okay, probably not that many but you get the idea. In other words, unless you are an ultra completist or don’t mind buying a case just to get 1 2-pack … then there is no need to panic … just because we don’t know what’s coming in the revised Target Movie Moments does not mean you need to panic (unless you want to – it’s a free country 🙂 ).

Our last post on Movie Moments is here.

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