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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: When You Wish Upon a Mack Star …

Sometimes your dreams do come true …

Is it a dream or am I waking?

Wake up! Wake up!

Price – Don’t Know.

Coming When – Don’t know exactly when? But in the next few months.

(McQueen might just be to show scale – unknown if included but possible).

For old, old, old, school CARS collectors, they remember that first WM circular to features CARS had Mack in WM White so now nearly 26 months later … here it is.

It’s not Frank the Combine but one of your wishes came true …

When you wish upon a Mack star …

Cheaper than a day at Disneyland …

(um, how does the rest of the song go?)

The other Mack truck coming info is at this post.

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