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San Diego Comic Con: 5-Day Ticket SOLD OUT

Okay, no one panic 😯

There are plenty of 1-day tickets still available, the only ticket to sell out are the 5-day tickets which also allows you in Wednesday night for PREVIEW NIGHT (which runs 3 hours).

Yes, that allows you to buy and jump the gun a little earlier than most but don’t panic.

(SD Comic Con doesn’t count Wednesday Preview Night as a “day” so they call the 5-day ticket a4-day ticket).

For CARS, the show runs a total of 38 hours and there are 5,000 sets of LS McQueen (Mattel will have to average 131 units sold every hour on the hour to sell out … and I predict they will but they’re not going to sell out in the 3 hours of Preview Night so no one panic. Most important, no needless eBay clicking – at least not yet.

Our preview post of Lightning Storm McQueen is here along with a list being managed by some nice friends of 2ADay who are making arrangements to buy and ship it to you.

We hope to get an update on how many come in a case so you can plan if you need a cart, a sherpa or a donkey.

Eventually, we will get around to doing a post on all the exclusives at the SD show but so far, we also have some mighty nice Mighty Muggs to show you – scroll down to the bottom.

If you live in the San Diego area and are on a tighter budget, you can also consider volunteering three hours of your time and you get in that day for free.

There is only online registration so plan ahead if you think you might want to go … and now, of course, you have to decide on a specific day of days. Good luck! See ya there!

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