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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Lightning Storm McQueen S.D. Comic Con (Update – 5k Available)
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For those who missed the earlier preview & announcement, Mattel will be selling a special Lightning Storm McQueen at the San Diego Comic Con Starting July 24. For those unfamiliar with Toy Show/Comic Con Exclusives, we covered the basics in our original post. Basically, this will be a special exclusive CAR available just at this […]

Toy Industry Rebounds a Bit: Toys R Us & FAO
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After the sale and retrenching quite a bit, Toys R Us is back on the growth track … mostly by opening a Babies R Us with Toys R Us together and/or converting single stores into both (my closest TRU just re-modeled and added a Babies R Us): “Toys “R” Us will open 16 of the […]