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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway Display – Large View
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There is some dispute about the display box itself so I’m providing you the large view photos that “S” originally sent along – I had to shrink to fit in WordPress’s 8″ limitations … so if you’re interested in examining it further, just follow the link to ZSHARE to download and view on your own […]

Yahoo – Exists Solely for Shareholders? For Customers? or For Employees?
Posted in Computing, Internet, Media on 19 May 2008
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The Yahoo situation brings up some interesting issues. Does the right of a majority shareholders trump everyone else? Or perhaps better phrased, does a shareholder who bought last week (Carl Icahn buys 50 million or 4% of Yahoo) have the same say as long time shareholders? AND is it simply that every stock you hold […]