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Frankford Make Your Own Candy Ice Cream: Perfect For This DIYer Generation

The Frankford ‘Make Your Own Gummy Candy Ice Cream’ kit is clearly the most elaborate and most awesome candy ever – perfect for this generation that wants everything their exact own way and DIYers …


Sure, there’s plenty of candy choices where you buy it, unwrap it and stick it in your mouth …

Yawn! See it. Eaten It. Been there!

But here, unwrapping the candy is not just half of it but more like only only 8% of the fun!

Pick a mini cone – choose from red, green or white but wait – that’s not not nearly enough, you get YELLOW also? That’s more cone color choices than at Baskin Robbins!

Choose an “ice cream” flavor – chocolate, strawberry or Madasgascar almond pecan (okay just kidding – third choice – vanilla).

But wait, don’t eat it yet!

You need to add the chocolate sauce!

But wait, don’t eat it yet!

You get NOT one choice of sprinkles but TWO, that’s right.

Our long national nightmare is over – we can choose between tiny pellet dots OR good-old fashioned sprinkles!

That’s right, you have TEN different choices to make just to eat some candy!

Or some 44 DIFFERENT combinations!

How much would you expect to pay for this?


Surely you jest!


You’re crazy?!


Close but still not good enough!

How about $1.19?!

That’s right, 44 candies in one for the low, low price of $1.19!

Life is grand! We live in wonderous times! It’s better than the Renaissance! (we know to brush our teeth after eating candy unlike then – plus that whole Black Plague thing …)

I found these at Walgreen’s. Frankford Candy has been around for 60-years and they make tons of licensed candies for “Nickelodeon, Disney, Hasbro, Barbie, Harry Potter, Care Bears and many others,” but they have clearly out-done themselves this time!

This is the greatest make-it-yourself-candy bargain since the Peep explosion and subsequent colored marshmellow flood of 1957 when the streets ran with free Peeps.

I love it when technology, artificial flavors and Lactic Acid all combined into fun and DIY goodness!


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7 March 2008 Advertising, Design, Food, Gadgets, Marketing, Retail, Toys 2 Comments

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