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Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: How to Photoshop Your Car as a Pixar CAR

Can you tell I’m going through all my bookmarks and finally filing them – just a couple thousand to sort through so while these are not new ‘news,” for anyone who’s missed them, I’ve consolidated all the info into one post …

Yes, you too can join the Pixar CARS world – well, at least in Photoshop land …



Instructions HERE.

CARS wallpaper site to grab the eyes & mouth HERE.


Another great job on the new Camaro.

Great gallery at AUTOBLOG.

Some great work here also!

But hey, millions of people can Photoshop their car, how about actually making your car a REAL Pixar CAR?


Eddie Paul will show you how!

He’s the guy (and his company, Customs by Eddie Paul) who made the touring and life-size McQueen, Sally, Fabulous Hudson Hornet & Mater …


His instructional DVD’s … now, I can barely use a box knife to open my CARS sealed cases so I’m not going near my car’s gas tank with a blowtorch but good luck to you!

His books are also available at Amazon – Eddie Pauls Custom Body Work Handbook, Eddie Pauls Paint & Bodywork Handbook, and the not-yet out, Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Good luck – start with your spouses car as a test! 🙂

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