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Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Complete List Checklist: FREE


While it’s old news to long time readers, we just want to remind everyone that we offer a FREE checklist/spreadsheet online … we point this out here specifically because there are people on eBay selling the exact same information (or even stolen from us) – information that you can get for free with just one click.

Not only that, our checklist/spreadsheet is often updated on a weekly basis or more often as new information comes in.

So, once again, our FREE Checklist online is posted on our EDITGRID PAGE.

Use the tab & spreadsheet that best matches to how you’re collecting:

Individual CARS on blister cards from each WAVE?
Multi-pack CARS on blister cards from each WAVE?

Opener Collection? Just one of each CAR?

A Completist? Every Card, Every Variant& Every Multi-Pack?

Plus Some Bonus Checklists:

A Piston Cup Racers List (Alphabetized & by Number)
Shopping Sealed Boxes for 2008, What’s in Each Box Cross Referenced On What’s Coming and How Often?

Also note: On the top left corner of each spreadsheet in a pop up window, you will see the version of that particular spreadsheet/checklist so you can tell if it’s been updated.

All are FREE for your personal use on your computers. You are free to copy & paste onto your website as long as you credit us and of course, it’s NOT for re-sale!


What’s coming in 2008 is here.

And of course, ALL our other CARS posts are here.

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