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NanoPhoto of the Day – Butterflys are Free


Yep! Butterfly scales! The more I see of some of these photos the more I am in awe of the way God has built the universe.

Since we are close to the Easter holiday, I thought it proper to post something along these lines.  Whatever your religious persuasion or leanings, I think it important to note that while there are many Christians that act like complete morally bankrupt morons or worse arrogant elitists, it is important to separate those all too human actions from the base of doctrine that is perfect.

I must admit that I myself spent over a decade staying away from churches that claimed to be welcoming but turned out to be more interested in making a buck than in saving some poor soul from their all too hedonistic behavior.

The church I attend now is relevant and based on solid principles but the dress is casual, the music is rockin’, and the outreach and growth is stratospheric.  I can only attribute this to their welcoming attitude (you can check it out here) toward those that would call themselves unbelievers, doubters, seekers etc.

Would that more of my Christian brethren were the same…

There is a massive schism happening right now within many of the largest denominations in the world and especially this country.  People recognize what is authentic and reject that which is not.  One of the key factors for growth of megachurches in this country are that they are predominantly non-denominational (although they do have some leanings).  Chuck your baggage at the curb and enjoy something new but as with anything concerning adult life, do your homework and if you have decent instincts, trust your gut about whether your next church home is authentic or more interested in bending the commandments to make you feel good.

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2 April 2007 Religion No Comment

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