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TakeFiveADay – With a Little Help From Our Friends …

Greetings to All T5ers From Met & Tizmanian:

As long time readers know, TakeFiveaDay is much more stable and our server up-time is pretty regular now – thanks to the hard work of Tizmanian, David V. and our expensive server package.

We certainly hope you enjoy the site. We have yet to push out sales of anything and provide tons of news, insight, analysis, and the occasional whimsy, all free of charge… but frankly, if you can help pay down our monthly server costs, that would be great.

We have been totally free to read including no fees for trading or selling/buying on our forum which we built for you and we really don’t want to change anything. However, as you can guess, T5 doesn’t exactly make us rich and while we enjoy the company we keep, that love bubble doesn’t pay the bills. 🙂

So here is the pitch:  Out of the 46,000+ Monthly Unique Readers we get each month, if we can get just 150 people at $20 or say just 75 people to contribute $40 or more TOTAL for 2013, that would put us at the breakeven point.

You can even set up a monthly tickler into the tip jar by clicking the box once you get to our paypal page.  We are also thinking of starting a club member exclusive email for those that sign up where we will hold monthly contest giveaways…so if you donate $20 or more, we will start tracking that for our pool of T5 Insiders…

The truth is that without the breakeven of the server costs, we will definitely have to shut down the forums as a start so if you’re a daily user of the forums, it’s only $20 min or if you’d like to contribute more such as $40 split up over a couple months as to your contribution, that’s all great. Or look at it this way, if you do a lot of selling on the forum, just add a few bucks per transaction for the next couple months to the T5 Tip Jar and everything can stay the way it is – no transaction or listing fees.

Tizmanian, David V. and yours truly thank you!

Keep reading and enjoy!


(Just click on the PayPal button on the top right – enter any amount and the payment option if you prefer, log in and you’re set. Thanks!)

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15 September 2013 Internet 38 Comments


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