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Mattel Disney PLANES: Factory Sealed Case A, L, M, & N

The first 4 announced cases for PLANES (12 to a case) certainly seems odd – why the strange lettering pattern – jumping from A to L, M & N.

CASE A is easy – it is available to all authorized resellers (ChildrensToyCloset either just got the case or it’s on it way from the warehouse).

But why are CASE L, M & N listed as shipping and of course, they essentially mirror CASE A … I believe these other three cases will only be available to a certain retailer – most likely, Target, Walmart & TRU.

!PLanes Case Check

So, each retailer gets a slightly different mix outside the 4 main characters: Dusty, Ripslinger, Skipper & El Chupacabra. Two of the retailers will get Bravo while it’s not in CASE A or CASE M. Everyone gets Leadbottom but only CASE A buyers get Ishani on card.

Remember that Target will get 4-packs so perhaps their Bravo & Ishani comes in a 4-pack? Maybe they get CASE M … of course, that theory depends on logic. :-)

Here is what the PLANES diecast “singles” will look like. This is the international card (photo by Anthony C. – thanks!), the only difference is the US cards have the name of the character on the side vertically – in this case, it’s Ripslinger.

Ripslinger Card

Yes, there is a CASE B but I don’t think that’s shipping until August.

UPDATE – Rob (My 6 Kids) sends along more photos – thanks Rob!

Here is CASE A.

case a photo

If you look carefully, their names are on the right side of the card.

Dusty cardback

You can check out larger photos of the diecasts here.

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