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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Kmart Ivan Offer Flyer

Here is the flyer that will be available at Kmart next month – buy $20 worth of Mattel CARS merchandise, get Ivan FREE – details at www.Mattel.com/KMCars.

Website page is NOT active yet.

I’ll wait while you try it. And also – yes, the plate I said is hot is really hot. No fooling!

Kmart GWP Cars 2013 (FINAL)

You don’t really need the flyer as with the last mail away offer way back in 2009, just print out the PDF form and mail it in with “proof of purchase.” Presumably it’s also the UPC codes along with the receipt – whether there’s a handling/postage fee required is the only unknown – but everything should be on the website by June.

Not really high res but here’s the first look at the diecast version of Ivan.


So, it looks like the poster should be available in stores as part of the free gift offers.

You can read the rest from this post.

More details after Memorial Day.

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